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Top, jeans and boots - all c/o Next
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When I first started my blog at the age of seventeen, my style was very simple - black, grey and muted tones were my go-to colours, and I often shied away from statement pieces. The idea of bright colours, patterns and experimenting with trends really appealed to me, so I dabbled occasionally, but as I wasn't the most confident person, I really didn't want to stand out from the crowd. I wasn't happy with my body shape or general appearance, so the last thing I wanted was to draw unnecessary attention to myself with eye-catching outfits.
Confidence is something I often talk about - I feel that there's a clear correlation between my age and self esteem. As I get older and become more confident, I'm making bolder fashion choices - what I wear now reflects my personality and favourite things... hello William Morris prints and pops of colour! Take this outfit, clashing prints aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I couldn't resist doubling up on florals, and tryin' out a pair of jeans different from my favoured high waisted variety. Sometimes I long for a really strong, signature style and a 'capsule wardrobe', but right now I'm still finding my feet with my personal style, and I'm happy that I finally have the confidence to experiment with clothes and wear things that truly make me smile. Love Jazz xx
Photos by Chloe 


  1. Absolutely love this outfit and so happy to hear you are feeling confident enough now to wear things that are more "experimental" <3

  2. You absolute babe! Forever envious of your figure and those boots are just awesome, Jazz!


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