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Topshop jacket and vest - Asos jeans - Primark shoes - Cath Kidston bag
 photo jazzabelles diary asos jeans topshop jacket_zpscsvmxvna.jpg
Hello y'all... Oh, have I got some exciting news to share with you - finally! I've been keepin' it secret for a while now - call it not wanting to tempt fate and being a ridiculous worrier - but I've quit my job! Well technically I handed in my letter of resignation professionally and worked my full notice period, but saying "I quit" does sound a little more ~dramatic~ doesn't it?
So, why did I quit? I have a new job in the pipeline! I've been the Marketing & PR Executive for an independent company for nearly two and a half years now, and whilst I've grown up and learnt so much in my role, I had become a little unhappy and uninspired. I knew it was time for a change! Everything seemed to fall so perfectly into place with my new job - where I'll be Social Media & Marketing Executive - I'm so excited for the the next chapter in my career! And if you thought things couldn't get any better, well, they can... Today is my last day in my current role, and then I have a whole month off before I start my new one. Yes, you read that right, a whole month off to do what I want! I'm spending Easter with Rob, then visiting my family in Bournemouth, celebrating my mum's 50th, and at the end of April Rob and I are off to Florida!
I honestly don't think things could be any more perfect for me right now, I'm so bloody happy. Chat soon! Jazz x
Photos by the lovely Chloe   


  1. BIG congrats on the new role lady, can't wait to hear where ;)
    Love these photos.

  2. Congratulations! :)
    I also can't wait to see your posts from Florida as it's got to be the favourite place that I've visited thus far! Are you going to be doing the theme parks?

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

    1. Thank you! YES! We're off to Disneyworld, I'm so bloody excited :) x

  3. This jacket is THE cutest <3 xx


  4. congrats on your new job Jazzabelle, hope you love it and wow a month off, that such a dream to me haha <3
    love the look too, so chic and that jacket is just fab and you look blooming :)


  5. Big congrats, girl! Can I make a prediction? You're off to Boden....?

    Becky ⋮ Adventuring & Things

    1. Thank you! Your prediction is a BIG complement indeed, but nope! ;) x

  6. Big congratulations, Jazmine. Your career growth over the years has been wonderul, you should be really. proud. Super jealous about the month off. Enjoy Disney!


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