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i can tell you that i'm missin' kissing, but i'm not missing you.

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Dress, Primark, £12 - Hat, Miss Selfridge, £25 - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie - Bag, charity shop, £5.99
 photo IMG_3095a_zpsb32acec1.jpg
This post has been saved in my drafts for the last few days, in hope that a little inspiration would come to me and I'd actually be able to think of something to write. Unfortunately I'm still as clueless as ever - work and Netflix (and unbelievably, my social life) have kinda taken over recently, so it seems that my little head is far too exhausted to think of anything witty or worthwhile to say. So instead I shall leave you with a short but sweet (much like my dress) post, some pretty pictures, a little video of my outfit and the promise of some exciting posts to come. Lots of love, Jazmine. 

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