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and if i had to beg for your love, would it ever be enough?

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Coat, Topshop, £79 - Dress, courtesy of Urban Outfitters - Boots, New Look, £42 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99.
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So, I might not have a nice man to keep me warm this Autumn, but at least I have this coat! As soon as I spotted it in the Oxford Circus Topshop, I completely fell in love with the 'teddy bear fur' and classic shape, but to my dismay when I tried my usual size (size six, for those wonderin'!) it was far too oversized, so I was pretty upset at having to leave my dream Autumn/Winter coat behind. But, like any good fairy tale, this story has a happy ending, as after browsing the Topshop website I discovered that it came in a smaller size, so within seconds it was purchased and this afternoon I skipped to my local store to collect it, pretty chuffed with finding my coat of the season so darn quickly (now, just to find my prince!). As I always say, you can't go wrong with a simple and classic outfit, so I teamed my new find with a beautifully patterned shift dress and a pair of leather boots I found in the depths of my wardrobe, making the most of gettin' my legs out before havin' to wrap up in tights for the next few months. Love, Jazmine. 

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