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so i'm brushing my shoulders and blowing you kisses.

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Dresses, both Asos, Fashion Finder competition win - Blouse, charity shop, £3 - Top, charity shop, 50p - Secondhand books, mirror & frames. photo IMG_9520a_zps5c0089e6.jpg
I'm sure you all know that I'm more than just a little inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style, so after winning an Asos voucher in a little Fashion Finder competition last week, I treated myself to two beautiful dresses which instantly reminded me of the stylish lady. The shape of the first just feels very 'Audrey', plus the little black dress of course makes me think of her beautiful 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' ensemble! I honestly can't wait to style both of these dresses with my pretty vintage shoes or chunky high heels, a black denim jacket and a little bag. 
I'm off work for the next ten days which is just lovely, it really is the perfect time for me to take a long break. I've been spending lots of time with family recently and over the next week I'll be visiting Kew Gardens with my Grandma, visiting family in Bournemouth and maybe takin' a day trip to Brighton. Liv and I will also be popping up to Liverpool again to see the sassy Rebecca and Amy which I'm so lookin' forward to! Life is goin' pretty darn well at the moment - I know I regularly have down moments, but I'm so content right now which is a great feeling. I just think I need to take each day as it comes, try not to let such small things worry me, along with remembering to enjoy the simple things and little details of my daily life. Lots of love, Jazmine.

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