modern day elegance.

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Corset, diy from £2 secondhand dress - Skirt, courtesy of Asos - Shoes, New Look, £11
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Top, courtesy of Motel - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie.
Dress, Topshop, £28 - Bag, gift from Lucy - Shoes, courtesy of Bertie.
I'm sure you all know that I really stick to my personal style and don't often experiment, but when Asos Fashion Finder asked if I'd like to style up a statement piece for their party season special, I couldn't resist - it's not often I get to prance around Battersea Park in a mesh skirt and not much else on an early December morning! Here are three of my favourite looks, I had so much fun shooting them with my mum, despite being absolutely freezing and in desperate need of a hot chocolate by the end. When I first received the skirt I knew straight away that I wanted to style it with my beautiful sequin corset for a spot of modern day elegance, of course embracing my inner Audrey! The corset actually used to be a maxi dress, which my mum bought for two pounds over twelve years ago for me to dress up as a witch for halloween, but a few years ago I cut it into top, and turned the bottom half into a skirt. I simply teamed it with a pair of black heels, plus the beautiful dappled sunlight really add to the overall look. For my second outfit I wanted to create something classic and a little sexy ( it's not often you see me in a crop top, oo-er), then my third look is slightly more casual and cuteYou can see the rest of my looks over on Fashion Finder, do let me know what you think! Love, Jazmine.

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