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a secondhand topshop dress & my self esteem.

Light pink Topshop dress, car boot sale, £3 - Shoes, Cow Vintage, £3 - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Outfit total, £7.
As pathetic as it may sound to some, this time last year (or even four years ago for that matter) I never would have dreamt of having a hairstyle like this or wearing such a short dress without any tights due to my lack of self esteem and confidence. But since I started my blog, not only has my personal style evolved ever so much, I've also gained a little more confidence in myself. I have to say thank-you to you all, because your comments and kind words have definitely helped me to slowly start to get over my anxieties and what bullies used to tell me about my appearance. It's honestly such a relief to actually step outside my flat looking like this without feeling completely hideous. Now that I can feel somewhat comfortable baring my legs, it's really going to open up my style and allow me to experiment with more clothes over the summer without being restricted to long dresses or tights. I can't wait! This bargain dress, which I picked up for just three pounds at Battesea car boot sale, will hopefully be the first of many pretty little dresses I find secondhand. Also, can you believe I'm not wearing any black?! I'm really trying to embrace wearing lighter and brighter colours, as my 'signature' neutral colours have been boring me a little as of late, plus lighter colours do work awfully well against my skin tone. Do you have any tips on ways to improve one's self confidence? Oh yes, and the winner of my little giveaway is Emma Jade, so congratulations lovely! Love, Jazzabelle.

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