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i'll have a cup of tea, and tell you of my dreaming.

Recently I've been thinking, and dreaming, an awful lot about what I want to do and achieve over the next few months, before deciding whether or not to return to college in September to complete my part time Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. I'm quite a simple girl at heart, so most of my list is quite doable and not very exciting, but I thought I'd share it with you nevertheless. This summer I'd like to explore more of London, visit some lovely places in the South of England, possibly spend a day in Paris, sell clothes online, save some money, write my cv, try to get a job, work with the Victoria and Albert museum more, try to stop being so pessimistic and unconfident, be spontaneous, eat healthily, try not to worry so much, see Legally Blonde the Musical for my seventh time, spend even more time with my family & visit more museums. What do you hope to do and achieve this summer? Happy Easter, everyone! Love, Jazzabelle.

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