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hobo jumper, grandad cardigan and a little video post.

-Skinny jeans, courtesy of H! by Henry Holland -Hobo jumper, charity shop, 50p -Grandad cardigan, charity shop, £2 -Snood, Asos, £1
Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been feeling really ill, unconfident and down for the last two weeks so I haven't been in the mood to take any outfit pictures. I'm feeling rather better now, so I decided to venture out today for a spot of Christmas shopping and to treat myself to a christmassy Starbucks and a Pret sandwich. Once again, my hobo jumper was calling out to be worn, I just couldn't resist. I teamed it with my latest charity shop find, the grandad cardigan, and a pair of blue jeans. Blue jeans! I haven't worn blue jeans in about two years, so when I recieved a lovely email from Emily, the assistant buyer for H! by Henry Holland, who after noticing that I already own a few pieces, offered to gift me with a couple more from the website, I just had to choose these. I can't believe that I haven't worn jeans like this in so long, it feels somewhat weird, but I like it. Thank-you Emily! On a completely different note, I have made this mummy scissors necklace I'm wearing for Roz, another lover of the Victoria and Albert Museum, as part of her blogging initiative she asked me to be part of a while ago. I decided to keep mine rather simple, by wrapping it in some lace I bought at my local car boot sale and an old gold chain I found lying about in my bedroom. Roz recently had a very serious surgery, so this is a little something for her. I wish you a safe recovery, Roz, and sorry it took me so long to post this. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I recorded my first video blog today. I was really unsure about posting this as I'm a rather unconfident person in 'real life', but I thought you would like to see me as me. I hope you like it, and let me know what you think!

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