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If you follow me on Twitter and read through the comments on my last post, you would of seen that my dear blogger friend, Claire from Jazzpad, challenged me to inject a tad more colour into my very neutral and rustic wardrobe. Whilst mustard isn't the brightest, I think I done rather well considering the majority of my clothes are black and grey. What do you think? Any tips and suggestions would be lovely!
*Mustard top, bracelet and scarf, 50p each, car boot sale *Shorts, charity shop, 25p *Primark raincoat, charity shop, my mum's.
Today was my sixth shift in my favourite local charity shop, it was such a busy day! I honestly recommend that anyone in London pops by tomorrow or on Friday, there is oh so much stock that I priced and put out today. For starters there are two, yes two, full to the brim fifty pence rails, plus other rails with many lovely dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers. I saw many good labels including Topshop, Gap, Uniqlo, Diesel, Next, St Michael, Comptoir des Cotonniers, DKNY, Laura Ashley, Jigsaw, Monsoon, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Zara and H&M. Oh my goodess, there is lovely Chanel-esque St Michael cropped jacket, which I would have bought if it wasn't so big on me. Ha, look at me getting excited over all of the secondhand clothes! At the end of my shift I left with two COS t-shirts, a Gap denim shirt and a Gap striped top, all for free, originally from the fifty pence rail. I offered to pay but the lady I work with said that was for all of my wonderful help these past few weeks, so sweet! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Thank-you for the amazing amount of lovely comments on my previous post, I honestly can't believe how many I recieved. EDIT: Just corrected the link to my favourite charity shop, sorry!

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