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another pair of twenty-five pence shorts

 *Hobo jumper, charity shop, 50p *Donnay shorts, charity shop, 25p *Turban band, Claire's, £3.50
I adore my hobo jumper, it's just so comfortable and all of the colours and patterns are lovely. I'm an autumn/winter girl when it comes to dressing, and this jumper is definately the main inspiration behind my my a/w wardrobe. The colours of green, brown, plum, camel, mustard and cream will definately be making many appearances in my outfit posts to come, as well as my staple black, white and grey. I also adore my second pair of twenty five pence shorts, I bought them at the same time as my previous pair which is now in the washing basket, after all of this time, haha! I went out for Nandos, shopping and cocktails with my dear friend, Shana-Kaye, earlier today. I stocked up on two pairs of plum tights from Primark and four pairs of large polka dot tights from New Look for only fifty pence each! So I bought eighteen pounds worth of tights for just three pounds, quite a bargain! I live in tights and knee highs, so I'm always on the lookout for them in the sales. Last month I picked up about forty pounds worth in the Topshop sale for only five pounds. There is no way on earth that I would have bought them if they were full price! The illustration of me to the left, isn't it beautiful? The lovely and extremely talented Victoria Riches drew it after seeing this picture of me on Saskia's blog, Not Just Medical. I really do love the simplicity of the lines and colours in this illustration, please do click the picture to see the amazing detail close up, and have a look at many of her other illustrations on her flickr! I'm so honoured that Vic (who's currently studying at Kingston Uni, just around the corner from my college!) has actually taken her time to do this, so thank-you! And also a thanks to Saskia for fowarding me the illustration. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Do excuse my dimply chin and somewhat moody face, I just wasn't very photogenic today, haha. P.P.S. Feel free to ask me a question on my formspring!

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