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super duper afternoon tea

Yesterday I arrived home in a rather bad mood, to find a cute little package containing my first ever Etsy buy, which cheered me up instantly. I follow a lovely blog called Super Duper Things, where talented design student, Louise, posts samples of her jewellery making, amongst other things. I have lusted after many pieces from Louise's Etsy, so when she posted that she shall be giving free gifts with every purchase for one day only, I thought I better just go for it! I am a total sucker for a freebie, haha. After spending about half an hour deciding what to buy, I settled on an adorable Afternoon Tea necklace.
I opened my parcel slowly but surely to find these beauties, aren't they just wonderful? Thank-you Louise! I ordered on Wednesday and recieved it on Friday, now that's what I call an amazing service. The Afternoon Tea necklace is exactly what  I was hoping for, and I also recieved a Lucky Coin Ten Pence Brooch and some pretty button earrings. Unfortunately my ears are no longer pierced, but I shall give them to a friend or include them in my next giveaway if that's okay with Louise.
Have any of you bought anything from Esty before? Do you have any shops you could recommend to me? Oh, and I am changing my blog layout slighty, it's ever so confusing. How does this post look? Ohh, guess where I am off to tomorrow? Only to see Legally Blonde The Musical for my fifth time! I am so excited, my mum won a pair of tickets a couple of days ago, which is crazy as in January I won two pairs of tickets in two days! I'm a tad obsessed with this musical, my mum and I listen to the album practically every day. Plus Sheridan Smith is my favourite actress, I literally couldn't speak when I met her, haha. I enter all of my competitions through Martin's Money Saver, by the way. Right, well I am off to make a cup of tea! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. wow everything is sooooo cute! i love xx

  2. Oh, aren't you sweet! Sorry, I should have checked you had pierced ears first! Glad you liked the things xx

  3. i love them, louise! i shall definately be treating myself to something of yours again. love, jazzabelle. x

  4. Oh it's so cute! i think your layout looks great.

  5. Your new things are gorgeous :)
    I want a 10p brooch - love it! Ooh & your earrings, as they're so cute, you could wear them as brooches..? That's what I do with stud earrings that I can't resist (I don't have pierced ears anymore either) - Or maybe pin one to a bag or something?

    I've never seen Legally Blonde - certainly wouldn't turn down free tickets - lucky girl :)

    Btw, the new layout looks great - wider, yes? Works well.


  6. So cute! I love those earrings!

  7. hey I love the necklace and thank for the comment btw it was not me on the picture i found it on google! lol


  8. SO SO beautiful :)

    I love that necklace!

  9. The necklace is adorable!

    Great buys, I love etsy!

  10. The lucky coin ten pence brooch is simply divine x

  11. That necklace is so lovely. :) Your blog is wonderful, I'm adding you on bloglovin' right this moment and I'll put you in my blogroll as soon as I got time. Oh and, I think you might like this online shop: http://www.lesjumellesboutique.bigcartel.com/ They have some great stuff. ;-D
    Lots of Love,

  12. Awe, what a beautiful necklace!

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