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*H&M top, charity shop, 50p *Primark floral skirt, mum's *Leather belt, charity shop, 50p. Well, this is what I wore today to the V&A quilts conference, I thought I better put on some bright clothing to try and counteract my sad, grey mood. It didn't work. I'm feeling rather better now, and you'll find out why in my next two posts! The conference was pretty good, some parts where completely boring, but I have definately learned many new things. The only thing what I am disappointed about is the refreshments, we had tea and coffee, but not biscuits. Shocking, right? Hahaha. After the conference I decide to visit some exhibitions and galleries I hadn't yet explored. I wondered around The Fairyland of Flowers, The Glory Years of British Rock, and Modern Masters exhibitions. The Andy Warhol and Picasso pieces are amazing, as were the artists themselves. I also had a look around the Theatre and Performance gallery, they are exhibiting Kylie Minogue's dressing room, which was first shown at Kylie: The Exhibition in 2007. Did any of you visit the exhibition? Oh my goodness, it was amazing, definately one of my top four major V&A exhibitions, with the others being Quilts 1700-2010, Grace Kelly: Style Icon and Telling Tales. Yes, yes, I know. I'm obsessed with the V&A, If I was to ever get married I would just adore to have my reception in there, hehe. Anyway, this new layout design thing is really confusing me. It keeps uploading my photographs really weird, and I want to make my layout wider but I just don't know how to. Some help and suggestions would be so appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my dears. What have you all got planned? Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. You look absolutely bloody gorgeous in this outfit :)

    I'm horrified on your behalf that there were no biscuits!


  2. i absolutely love this outfit! you always look so lovely :) glad you had a good time at the v&a, it sounds really interesting! this weekend im going to my friends 16th party and then lots and lots of revision, what about you? xxx

  3. so lovely my dear. you really do put together outfits ever so well. x when i was customizing my blogger template, i found this site really handy, because it told me all the exact sections of the template, it might be a help to you, :) http://www.blogdoctor.me/2007/05/tips-to-customize-blogger-template.html

  4. Your mum owns a beautiful skirt! It looks good on you :]

  5. In here we never have biscuits in coffee brake.:)) We should make a petiton to force the others to serve biscuits and cookies.:D Lovely skirt!

  6. Lovely outfit, as usual. All those exhibitions sound fantastic!

  7. You look fab in that super pretty outfit!
    Have a lovely weekend my dear :)

  8. I love both the top and the skirt!!

  9. I just discovered your blog but I already love it! Gorgeous. xo


  10. I've put "visit the V&A" in my list of "things to do when I don't know what to do when I live in London".
    And I'm crazy about that top. Beautiful, beautiful. As always.

  11. Firstly I love this outfit, the skirts floral print is so pretty.

    Secondly I think the Quilts exhibition sounds fantastic. I visited a quilt art 20 exhibition a few years back in a local gallery and remembering being inspired. I love textiles.

    & finally I am so utterly inspired by your love for the V&A, yes I do plan on visiting one day! But for now I think a trip to my local galleries is certainly on the agenda. x


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