*Elvis top, Topshop, £25 *Tea cup necklace, Super Duper Things, $9 *DIY shorts *Belt, charity shop, 50p Let's put it this way, I'm a tad obsessed with Legally Blonde the Musical, hehe. I've seen it five times since last December. I went to see it with my mum today, I won a pair of tickets a few days ago. It's actually the third pair of tickets I have won for this musical, I honestly can't believe my luck! The perfomance was amazingly energetic, funny, witty and heartwarming as expected, I just can't wait to see it again. Anyway, I have been feeling really uninspired with my outfits lately, mainly due my my lack of confidence, lack of money and lack of clothes, so I basically just put on my 'usual'. I just don't feel that the clothes I have been wearing lately express me as a person, what do you think? I long for pretty dresses, cute cardigans and simple tops. Floral patterns, polka dots, stripes, lace and silks. There is also a pair of wedges I have my eyes on in New Look, I tried them on on Thursday and it was love at first sight. I really want to get my hands on them, It will be my first pair of wedges and the first pair of heels I have ever been able to walk in, ha! Goodness, I'm really nervous for Tuesday. I'll be attending my first ever blogger event. It's in Soho, and I will be previewing Rare Fashion's A/W collection. I'm very excited, but with my worrying self, I am scared I will do something stupid, or not seem pretty or fashionable enough. I also find it hard to start conversations and make eye contact with people, so I hope I don't appear to be stuck up or rude. It's also the preview of my second year art exhibition, oh my! The last two years have gone so quickly. Wish me luck! I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. You won't come across as stuck up, rude or anything of the sort! You're absolutely lovely, and although I may not know you, I'm sure you'd be a lovely friend!
    Chin up, next week's going to be amazing!
    Nikki, xo.

  2. Good luck with your bloggers meeting! I would probably feel the same as you, but you'll be fine. And if you're gonna do something stupid then just smile and wave!:))


  3. love the elvis tee! Super cute tucked into the cut offs too!

  4. I have a friend in London who just saw that musical. She loved it! Kinda wish I was there to see it. Sometimes we all get in a bit of a fashion rut, hopefully you'll find your way out soon. Although I do quite like this outfit you've put together. Good luck with the blogger meet :)

  5. my boyf gave me tickets to LBTM - and i really didn't think it would be my thing - but I loved it!! You'll be great at the blogging event, don't even stress about it, just try and go with the flow. ck :) x

  6. i adore your funky grunge outfit, its just perfect x


  7. wow you're so luckt to have an opportunity like that! have fun xx

  8. I shall text you tonight with plans for Thursday, I haven't forgotten about you I've just been so busy what with the boyf returning!

    Anywho, you should remember what I said about your signature style :) It says a lot about you that you have the confidence to project your personality and express yourself through what you wear, regardless of how individual you feel or if you worry that you wear things too often.

    I totally feel like you have a signature style which is classic, contemporary and relaxed (that trench coat - divine!) Stay smiling sister and I can't wait to see you Thursday if you're still free.

    Enjoy the musical! I'm going to see Avenue Q tomorrow! :)

    ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. I understand how you feel with the eye contact thing, it really freaks me out to make eye contact sometimes! But I'm sure anyone who reads your blog knows you aren't stuck up or rude :)

    Have fun at the event, I love that Elvis top.

  10. You'll be fine at the event although I don't know you personally I think you'll be wonderful and have a great time! Just don't stress too much about what people think and the such, that's what I try to do! x


  11. You will be fabulous on Thursday! Don't even worry for a second - you're such a lovely person and you'll have so much fun. Can't wait to see pics!

    Ah, Legally Blonde sounds like amazing fun! I'm going to see Hairspray next month, very excited about that. :) xx

  12. Thank you for your lovely comment. YOU are so beautiful. Honestly, I just read your profile and thought, this model like girl lacks confidence- WTF?!

    I'll be at the Rare event tomorrow too. I'll say hi, if I see you.


    p.s cute blog

  13. Those shorts are great!

  14. Aw don't worry about that event! It sounds so much fun! I'm sure you'll have a great time and you'll meet a lot of people!
    I'm so exited about living in London and going to see musicals! I think that's one of my favourite things to do. It's a shame I can't do that in my town. Too small.

  15. The Legally Blonde musical sounds amazing. I love the films, but I can imagine the musical being so fun. You are very lucky to have seen it so many times :)

    Breakfest at Tiffany's

    I prefer the film too it was funny when reading the book, parts of it was literally like watching the film. I could literally see the scenes unfolding in my mind.

    Now I’ve read the book, I think Audrey Hepburn in a way is Holly Golightly so quirky and funny, and a total icon of the time. She really did transform into Truman Capote’s character, I was thinking when she got cast she must have sat down and read that book I had in my hands.

    I think I did hear that about Monroe originally being in Capotes mind for the role, but I don’t quite know how it would have unfolded. I think Audrey has a unique beauty about her, she is not in your face glamorous and that’s what I love about her.

    No I didn’t see the theatre production; I remember it being in the spotlight quite a lot. Did you? I would have loved loved to have seen it.

    You know I have been enchanted by the film for so many years now. I just love the story and the beauty of it all.

    OOO I did notice that Tiffany’s wasn’t mentioned as much as it is in the film. I know the title of the book gives it a way. But I thought the film really did show us a lot more. Did you notice?x


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