I hope you are all so proud of me, I actually wore something other than tights in public for the first time in over two years. I hate my legs with a passion, for various reasons, but today I was just comfortable enough to show my thighs. It felt really weird. Anyway, before I go, I insist that you check out this post from Jill at Street Style London for some serious eye-candy. Oh my, he is just so gorgeous. He's called Randy and he's American, *swoon*. Love, Jazzabelle. EDIT: I totally forgot to mention that I got model scouted whilst in Battersea Park with my mum today, which was pretty darn nice.


  1. This outfit works so well! The socks really suit you x


  2. Such a lovely outfit! Weldone for getting the confidence to not wear tights. I don't like showing my legs too, I prefer to wear tights but I find in pictures my legs look a lot different to what they actually look like in real life :) You should wear socks like them more often!
    I hope you don't mind me asking but what program do you use to edit your pictures? They always look amazing :)


  3. Love your knee high socks they make that outfit so much more interesting. You looks so cool and casual!

  4. Oh you look absolutely lovely. And such a beautiful day to chose to go tightless!

    Lydia xxx

  5. Wow! I guess thats the thing about living in London, getting model scouted everywhere you lucky thing! Anyway your whole outfit is gorgeous and I love the socks & boots combo :D
    Lots of love, Lizzi xxxxxxxx

  6. There's no reason to dislike your thighs I don't really notice anything up with them. Oh congrats about being scouted! I hope it goes well. Good luck m'dear x

  7. Amazing outfit. I really think it looks great; you should definitely wear it more often!

    You mix it up so well, as always. Very much a style hero in my opinion
    and good about the model scouting too :) x

  8. Your knee highs look wonderful with those shorts and boots!

    I always think you look like an off-duty model - you've got that cool, relaxed style and those long limbs! I hope your scouting leads you to something amazing. :) x

  9. oh i'm applying to agencies this summer my family keep telling me to go on BNTM haha who did you get scouted by? xxx

  10. thank-you for your lovely comments, everyone!

    jen, your comment really did make my day :) god, i wish i looked like an off duty model, but i really don't. i know i always say it but i look 100 times better in my photographs than i do in real life. but thank-you :)

    rjl, you should, go for it! i've been with a few agencies in the past, and i have had a few interviews and castings but i have never had a job. i'm not interested in modelling in the slightest anymore. i'm not pretty and i just don't have the confidence. the agency i got scouted by is called oxygen models.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  11. Cute outfit - I love the simplicity of it with the knee highs! I've just recently gotten over (kind of) my hate for my legs, so go us! :)


  12. I can definitely see why you got model scouted! I wish it would happen to me:P

    Knee highs are my favourite look, anyway my point is you looked fantastic and you really don't have to worry a thing about your thighs!


  13. love this whole outfit! adore the kneesocks! i'm following you, follow me too?

  14. Not hard to believe you got scouted, you are such a beatiful person! I really adore your look, and your outfits.


  15. I'm not surprised you were scouted, you're such a naturally attractive, individual girl!
    Fab, uncontrived outfit worn with panache and style.

  16. Ahh it's so effortlessly chic, no wonder you got scouted!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, made me smile (as always ;)
    Hope you have a good weekend! I'm meant to be going to a local vintage fair tomorrow but my friend's caught shingles so we might not be going :( oooh, so many beautiful vintage bargains, so little time! ;)

    x x x

  17. ditch the tights more often! it really suits you

  18. Oh Jazzabelle, bless your cotton socks! Literally ; )

    So sweet of you to mention my post. I LOVE this look. Absolutely love it. I can't imagine why you don't like your legs.

    Isn't it a funny old world: you can get model scouted in Battersea Park and still feel.. imperfect. I was the same way @ 17. It's funny: as women, the older we get, the happier we become in our own skin and our bodies: even as our bodies become more 'imperfect' with time. I look back at photos of myself at your age and see what other people saw: a happy, pretty girl. I can say that now. But at the time, I'd have happily pointed out all my flaws.

    Here's an exercise: look at your photos of yourself as if they were someone else's blog. You'd probably be saying 'I wish I had her legs!'

    Have a lovely weekend & thanks again. Should I ask Randy if he has a girlfriend? ; )

  19. Gorgeous outfit! and congratulations on getting scouted!! how exciting xxx


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