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sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

Bonjour, friends! This is just a super quick post to show you all what I'm wearing, I shall probably do a bigger and better post tomorrow. Right now my mum and I are staying at my auntie and uncle's house in sunny Bournemouth, so today I have just been playing with my two gorgeous little cousins, Kyron and Jacob. Anyway, more on that tomorrow, hopefully we'll be going to the beach! The H&M top was fifty pence in my local charity shop, I just adore the crochet detail as it shows a lot of bust, but in a lovely demure way. Once again I'm just wearing my usual cut off shorts and polka dot tights. Though, for most of the day I actually had my legs out, like completely, cor blimey! Let's hope that soon I will be able to be comfortable enough to venture out with no tights not just in a garden in Bournemouth, but in the streets of London! Thank-you for all of your kind comments, I really am in a good place at the moment. Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're in a good place :)

    You look gorgeous & m'love, it's far too hot for tights! If you can rock those shorts with tights on, you can certainly do it without! I wouldn't be able to get even one leg into them, so flaunt what you've got!

    Thanks for the reply to the comment I left you - I know we're all strangers sat at computers, but I hope our words did give you some form of comfort :)


  2. Good to hear that you're well. Cute outfit, and I'm loving the feel of these photos. Have fun at the beach!

  3. i love your outfit! that top is so pretty :) also, i wish my legs were as lovely as yours! :') xxx

  4. You look lovely and I really like that top. Are they DIY shorts? I've got an old pair of jeans I'm planning on cutting so I can wear them for summer, lets hope they don't go wrong:)

  5. What lovely sunny photos! That top was a steal, it looks gorgeous with those shorts.
    The beach? Total envy, I haven't seen the sea for ages.

  6. Amazing top. And a real bargain at 50p :)
    Lovely photographs also. x

  7. love your blog

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  8. Y'know I went shopping today and saw (think it was in H&M) polkadot tights & shorts combination and instantly though of you. Honestly. You, my lovely lady, have a style that suits you! It's your signature! :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. love your outfit girl! I love how you chose to take your picture! it gives it a vintage feel.


  10. aww..the top is cute,,



  11. jasmin, the camera i use is a panasonic lumix dmc-fz28 :)

    thank-you for all of your kind comments!
    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  12. Love your photos!! you have such a lovely blog :) bargain H&M top!! x

  13. I want you to strut down the street showing off those legs! Love the H&M top, you're right about the crochet - it's so pretty and very demure. x

  14. You are the most gorgeous girl! Thank you for your lovely comment. Have a lovely week and try and stay in that good place, you are worth a hundred stars, remember. x

  15. Isn't the weather delightful? I'm quiet surprised by it, but I hope you're soaking in plenty of vitamin D! Your luck in charity shops is amazing, I'm quiet sure you have a super power! I hope you have a lovely summer dear, and keep on blogging, your posts are always a joy to read!

    Eve-rei xx

  16. This top is gorgeous!!
    I love it on you :)
    Thanks for entering!!

  17. I love the feel of these photos, the green frames add a lovely touch!
    Hope you had a great time at the beach :)

  18. SO gorgeous - i'm dying to see that exhibition - so jealous!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  19. I love your photography and your knack for finding things in charity shops!



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