*Primark peach cardigan, charity shop, 50p *George at Asda shirt, from my grandma *DIY denim shorts, hand me down (well a hand me up actually, they were my little cousin's jeans, haha) *Black bag, car boot sale, free *Leather boots, Topshop, £60
Hasn't the weather just been lovely today? I hope you have all been enjoying it! I have actually had a practically perfect day so far, to be honest. I've been feeling rather happy, pretty and confident, which is always a good thing. I'm a tad stressed out about my artwork, though, hopefully I will do alright as I have been getting really distracted lately. Anyway, I went to the V&A to attend a free lunchtime talk about Grace Kelly, where the curator told us about the exhibition and how it came together. I'm really excited to attend the next lunchtime talk on the sixteenth of this month, as an artist called Natasha Kerr will be talking, and she has been the inspiration behind my final art piece! After the talk I sat in the beautiful John Madejski Garden for a while, then I met my mum for a hot chocolate in a very cute local cafe, which is right next to my usual charity shops. I'm going to crack on with my art in a bit, and I should probably tidy my disgrace of a bedroom as well. One again, thank-you for all the sweet comments I recieved here, they really did mean an awful lot to me. Ohh, earlier on today I recieved an invite to the Rare A/W press and blogger day on the fifteenth of June, did any of you? I'm excited as it will be my first blogger event, but I am also very nervous! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! You look so sweet in that get-up, reminds me of my favourite student outfit back in the 80's!

  2. i love the outfit, i'm a big fan of your blog :) i love the shorts especially


  3. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous, as usual!
    That shirt is lovely.

    So jealous you got invited to a blog event! Hope you have a great time.

    Lydia xxx


  4. You look lovely in these photo's. I love your outfit:) Ooh and congrats about the blogger event.

  5. You, my dear are SO stylish. <3

  6. that. bag. is. epic.

  7. Gorgeous outfit, and lovely photos as always :)

    Have fun at the blogger event!

  8. A beautiful outfit. I love hand me downs and in your case here 'hand me ups' :)

    Sounds like a rather special day. Can't wait to see/hear more about your artwork x

  9. i has been a lovely few days hasn't it, i miss being able to pop to the v and a, though i used to go on saturdays when it was always packed. the shirt looks lovely and it was only 50p!

    really nice blog

  10. oh wow, love your photography! your outfit is also lovely :)


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