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like mother, like daughter

These photographs were taken last Friday, check out my post here. Isn't my mum just beautiful? She is not wearing an ounce if makeup, and is oh so young looking. We often get mistaken for sisters or friends, sometimes she can't even buy a bottle of wine because they think she is underage, ha! She dresses like someone half her age, and acts it too, though she can act her age and can be very serious when needed. She's a nursery nurse at my old primary school, when I was in nursery she was a student teacher in my class, how sweet is that? Most people say we look alike, what do you think? Oh, I've added some more clothes to my blog shop, so check them out here! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. You do look a like. Both stunning!

    Lydia xxx

  2. wow you are both so beautiful & i love your mum's eyes!

  3. You both look amazing! No doubt

  4. The bond between a mother and daughter is so special, I try to never forget that. Your mum does indeed look very radiant x

  5. Your mum is stunning - much like you!

    My own mum was a nursery nurse at my play school, then went on to work in the reception of my primary school. She was always around while I was at school and being able to see her at lunch and walk there and back with her every day was wonderful.

  6. Such stunning pictures you both look beautiful!
    I have just been reading through all your posts i am so lovin your blog it super great!
    I am now following it too!

  7. Your Mum's gorgeous, like you :)

    My Mum doesn't wear make up at all either, & is always being told she looks younger than she is - & no one can ever believe when she says she's now a grandmother!

    & coincidentally, my Mum also was the Nursery Nurse at my primary school - although she started the year my younger sister was in Nursery, not me. But knowing exactly where she was & going to meet her after school was a blessing (most the time anyway) x


  8. Aawh these are lovely photos! Are you and your mum close? You seem to spend a lot of time together; it's so great that you've got similar interests. I don't quite share my mum's passion for Strictly Come Dancing aha!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. yes, me and my mum are pretty close. i mean, we argue like a mother and daughter do, but we usually make up within a day or so. i really don't have many friends, so it's rather nice that we have quite a close relationship. :)

  10. You both look gorgeous! It's great that you're both so close (:


  11. Aw cute:) You both really do look a like and you seem so close which I love.

  12. You and your Mam are so beautiful :D xx


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