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hobo jumper, oh how i've missed you.

Hello, you beautiful people, I hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday, what have you all been up to? I'm staying at my grandma's tonight, we had a barbeque earlier and it was just so delicious. I've been taking oh so many photographs today, my grandma has the most beautiful, unusual garden, I shall definately post more photographs of it soon! We've also tidied up the garden a tad, listened to the radio, drank tea and earlier I kind of got stuck up part of her first floor roof, which was pretty funny, haha!
*My favourite hobo jumper, charity shop, 50p *Vanity case, car boot sale, £2 *Straw hat, Primark, £3 *Black brogues, Primark, £8
How funny does grandma look with that hat on? She is just too funny. For our barbeque, we had baby potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken, fish, fritters, dumplings, bagels and a coleslaw salad, we have so much left over so I shall definately be having another serving soon, yum.
This is just one of the many fruit trees my grandma has growing in her small garden, she is also growing apples, plums, figs, pears and peaches. Plus at her allotment she is growing a load of vegetables. Oh, she also previously grew a banana tree in her conservatory, she shared them out to our family earlier this year, they were oh so yummy and well worth the wait. Check out this website to see an newpaper article about it! Anyway, I'm off to drink some tea and get ready to go out for a walk in the local park. I hope you all have had as much of a wonderful day as I have! Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. Wow, your days seem just too much fun! Your outfit is absolutely lovely. And that bbq looks so scrummy. Your posts and outfits are always so inspiring to me.
    Thank you for always commenting on my blog/etc.. Ooh, I'll try and do my contest entry later! I've left it rather last minute which is a shame. Anyway, have a lovely week. I'll definitely, certainly be looking forward to your posts this week! Lots of love, Isabel. xxx

  2. What lovely photos of you both, & the garden of course.
    Looks like you've spent your Bank Holiday Monday in an absolutely perfect fashion :)

    Your bbq pics are making me hungry!


  3. i love your jumper so much!and your grandma's garden is so lovely and pretty!it reminds me of the secret garden.xxx

  4. LOVE this! Your grandma's garden looks like something from a fairytale - full of mystery, hidden corners and blossoming flowers!

    The BBQ food looks utterly delicious too. Yum. x

  5. Really enjoy your pictures!

  6. amazing set of pics - - loving your little jumper - great! ck :) x

  7. Love your jumper, another great find!
    Such a pretty garden and those potatoes look delicious.

    Lydia xxx

  8. You are lovely! I love how your grandma looks at you. And I obviously love your jumper!

  9. Your grandmother has a great sense of style!:) I can see from whom you've inherited!:D Kiss!

  10. You seem so close to your family, I love it. I'm quite close to my mum and brothers. Glad your day went well, I made my mum and cousin have a stroll down the beach and back it was quite nice. I took a few pictures which I'll be uploading soonish.

  11. This looks like a truly beautiful day. x

  12. You are abosoluty beautiful. Everything about this post just seems so wonderful and lovely. Plus your jumper is gorgeous too! :D


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