*Grey Dress, H&M, £4.99 *Primark peach jumper, charity shop, 50p *Belt, Primark, £1 *Vintage bag, car boot sale, free.

Bonjour, I hope you all have had a lovely Saturday, what have you been up to? My mum and I went to Barnes to check out a fashion sale, but when we got there was literally just two rails of hideous clothes which where apparently from Paris selling for like £40. I felt so annoyed, but than as we where walking back to the station we saw some cute little stalls selling food, so I got myself a chocolate chip brownie and my mum got herself a meringue. When then decided to go to a very lovely pub called the Sun Inn, which does the most yummy roast dinners on Sunday's, I reccomend that you go! It's very cosy, with lots of odd and comfy chairs to sit on and has a brilliant view of the duck pond where my mum took my oufit pictures. As it was lunchtime we shared some nachos and a chicken caesar salad, and even though it doesn't sound like a lot of food, I'm still pretty full now! We also popped into one of our local charity shops and found ourself a few bargains. Now I'm just going to spend the rest of the evening drinking tea, watching television, checking out my favourite blogs and doing my artwork. P.S. Please visit my new blog shop, if you'd like, I've currently got two beautiful brooches and a vintage slip for sale. Oh, please vote for me here, and I shall love you forever!


  1. your outfits are so cute - you so deserve to win and ive voted for you, , , ck :) x

  2. I've voted miss!

    You always have the best days out for sure. Lovely outfit x

  3. I love your outfit yet again. You always seem to find great bargains in charity shops, I'm quite jealous!
    I really like Barnes too, such a pretty place and will have to try that pub next time I'm there. Oh and that plum tart looks delicious, in fact all those cakes etc do.

    Lydia xxx


  4. Oooh I adore your outfit, it's just soo effortlessly chic ;)
    & your new haircut looks lovely!

    I've voted too, good luck!

  5. thank-you, all of you. ahh, thanks spence, it's actually really really frizzy here, oh why did it have to rain today? haha :) and lydia, i shall definately be doing a post on my favourite charity shops soon!

    love, jazzabelle.

  6. You look lovely! Glad you found some bargains even if it wasn't at the fashion sale!

  7. you always look so pretty - v. jealous. love the first photo, very 'secret garden' like. xx

  8. wow, so cute! love the cute cardigan colour!

  9. I love your outfit and those tarts look so delicious!

  10. I voted you!:D Always is a pleasure to stop by your blog!:) Kisses!

  11. I love your photography, first time I have come on your blog! These look like some amazing tasty treats...you making me hungry girl!
    Love that matching belt around your pink knit...gorgeous idea. Will follow you x

  12. Very cute outfit :)
    Looks like a lovely day
    Vanilah xx


  13. Amazing post :D

    Can you follow me , and i'll follow you back?:p


  14. I've been visiting your blog for a while and thought it was time to comment! Lovely blog and awesome outfits, you seriously have style.

  15. beautiful dress and an amazing blog ..

    love it :**

    lots of kisses aly


  16. wow!! I wish you had a blog list so I could completely ask to exchange links because your a favorite.

    Beautiful photos, kickin style. Love!

    Following ya babe!
    Cheers, Jesa


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