sorry, sorry, sorry

I think it's for the best if I delete what a previously wrote on here. I'm in quite a good place at the moment, thank-you for all of your kind words. Love, Jazzabelle, 16/06/2010


  1. Aw, please don't be upset. I can easily say I am just like you except you are pretty! I'm not trying to make you feel better by saying anything that's not true but you really are, and you are definitely nice and someday that will come in handy! You seem to have a lovely family too. I actually feel just like you, I'm not pretty, I lack lots of confidence and worry way too much about what people think of me! I'm finding it really hard at school now because it is my first year in the last year of school. I feel so stupid for moving away from where I used to live, but now I know it's a mistake I wont make again. I actually cannot wait to start college so that I'm not the only new girl and to meet some new people. I'm actually ok at meeting new people, I have grown on it, especially because it's something I have grown up having to do. I used to be really stubborn in primary then I moved abroad and became oh so, too nice! Try to not worry what people think, why not even pretend they love you then at least you won't be as worried. I might even try that too! Try not to dwell on the bad things that are happening, just think about how lucky you really are! Things could be worse, but people never actually realise.
    By the way I am your friend, I hope I have made you feel a bit better. I don't think I am great with these things though. I actually have to get some sleep now because I need to be up early tomorrow <3

  2. I don't really know what to say, but couldn't just leave without saying something...

    Just know that you are not alone in feeling these things. I don't know if that helps or not really.
    Night time's always worse. I hope tomorrow you'll feel a bit better..

    Take care m'love, & btw, never apologise for expressing how you feel - your blog is yours for whatever you want to post - there'll always be people who'll take an interest & care :)


  3. You already have more confidence than you think...it takes great courage to start up an online blog and to "put yourself out there." You already have more than one friend because although I don't know you in person I rather like you from your blog. You ARE really quite pretty and one of the most honest blogs I've come across. If I lived near you I'd take you on a "picnic." lol but maybe we can have a virtual one and be friends regardless.

    Seriously....Cheer up! Count your blessings and re-count your friends.


  4. P.S.
    My sister just glanced over my shoulder and said, "aw who's that she's pretty!"

    You really are lovely :)

  5. Hello!
    It's the first time I write something here, cause my english is not good and I'm too shy to comment posts, photos and etc.
    You can't even imagine how interesting to read your posts, scan your photos.
    You are very beautiful, and I realy doubt that the photos lies. You most probably lie to yorself.
    I know for sure you are attractive, sincere and kind person! Don't underestimate yourself!

    I hope you understand me:)

  6. Oh, no.. This is awful - you should never feel like this. People like you are role models to me. Kind, lovely people who have an interest in the same things. Now, sometimes it's hard to meet new people - I know I don't and I don't try because I feel as if, if they had the same interests as me we'd be friends already but it's not like that.. sometimes you just need to take the first step and you don't know what could come of it? - You could meet your new best friend.
    I know you're not alone on feeling these emotions - I feel them as well, quite frequently. And sometimes it's good to feel them but always remember you've got people who love you, for who you are, around you. Cheer up chick, don't let this get you down - life's too short. Keep your head up gorgeous!
    I hope you feel better now it's the morning, I always think to myself - It will all be better in the morning.
    But sometimes thats not the case - but crying helps as well, but don't purposely cry! Smile :).
    Much love,
    Isabel xxx

  7. Hi Jazzabelle - Your post really made nod knowingly - Im gonna play the smug 'take it from someone a bit older card' - (well not that old im 27!) - we all feel like this at some point or another - but however low you feel, it will pass.

    I cant tell you how much i admire a person who can put themselves out there the way you've done on your lovely blog (i am yet to feature a pic of myself on mine). Also your outfits are inspirational - and, needless to say, you are a very pretty little thing - and one day you'll believe us!

    Hoping you feel better soon.
    ck :) x

  8. I know it's not easy to stop feeling that, but believe us when we tell you that you're beautiful. You have a family that loves you, you wrote about your mum and your grandma and they're the ones that love you the most. Besides, you are so young and you have so much to live and so many people to meet.

    I'd love to hug you and cheer you up, but I'm too far away. I'll be living there by September, and I don't have friends there. So, I'm totally open for new friendships.

    Just be happy and smile.

  9. I am so sad to read this. But I know more than you think how it feels.

    I have things in my life I am not happy about and are desperately trying to change. And I know how it feels to be lonely.

    I have one close friend who is away at Uni, I haven't seen her for months and that's literally it. I live with my boyfriend, who is my bestest friend. But when it comes to make-up and girly things I have no one.

    Your blog is beautiful and so are you. Please don't forget that x

  10. I know exactly how you feel i am in the exact same situation and a lot of the friends thing is cause i have a boyfriend no one wants to talk to me anymore cause they think i don't have time for them:/ you need to try look to the posotives i'm sure through a job or college or something you'll meet new people or atleast i'm hoping that brings me some luck.

  11. Jazzabelle! You don't need to apologise for how you feel! I must however, apologise for the little essay I'm about to write but there's some stuff I need you to hear....

    Ten whole people have commented on your post, ten whole people care! That's certainly more than one ;) and I bet there's even more...

    I'm gona be rather selfish now; but in real life I'm not very pretty, honestly, I just know how to take a half decent photo of myself. My whole life I've always been a bit of an ugly duckling, I used to get called fat and ugly all the time which really affected my confidence. So I lost weight, changed my hair, stopped wearing my glasses and now I look back at old photographs of myself and honestly, I don't recognise that person anymore. Which isn't really a good thing - because there's constantly a part of me that I feel is missing and that I can never fully be myself around people becuase inside I still feel shy, ugly and fat. What's worse is even when I'm most happy I still find a way to saboutage it...
    Sorry for ranting a little there. A little? Ok, a lot.

    Tbh the first time I saw your blog the first thing I noticed was how gorgeous you are. You're sweet, cool, interseting and I'm honestly even a bit jealous of you. I'm really not saying this just to make you feel better but because it's the truth!
    And I know we've only just met over blogger but I'd like to think of you as my friend :) Your comments and blog posts make my day! You are a truely wonderful person who deserves to find good friends, virtual or otherwise ;)
    x x x
    p.s. damn you! you work the 'hobo sweater' better than me ;) tehe.

  12. please don't be sad! i feel like this so often and i know that nothing can really help but still i'll give it a shot...you're seriously beautiful, not just on the outside but you seem to be such a lovely, kind person too. i'm shy aswell and i find it hard to make new friends but once you do find that person who you get on with and can share everything with nobody else with matter. i'd much rather have one great friend that i can trust and rely on than have a big group of friends but not feeling as if you fit in or can trust a lot of them. so please don't be upset. try to look on the bright side.i'm sure you have a lot of people in your life who love you for who you are, which is really all that matters. and if all else fails, you're followers love you :') love aisling xxxxx

  13. You seem like a beautiful and lovely girl, i'm sure you will gain plenty of friends over time!
    You live in London right? Me and charlie from www.pinstripeprince.blogspot.com are moving to London at the end of July so maybe we could go for some picnics in parks and have tea & cake when we move there! Chin up things will all be fine :) x

  14. Everybody feels like that from time to time!:) And when you have time come to Romania for visit!:P In here you'll have a friend!:D I'm serious! Kiss yooooou!!

  15. I don’t care what you say – I think you are truly beautiful! I admire your style, and you excellence in blogging, and it’s people like you who make me realise why I blog. Somewhere, you have some confidence; it takes a lot of guts to post pictures yourself on the web for all to see. And don’t you look amazing!

    Keep up the blogging – I simply love reading it! x


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