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remember this photo?

So, you remember this photo from this post here? Well ages ago I entered an ASOS competition and they chose me for there final ten, I really didn't expect that. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE! Thank-you, you sweeties! Oh and if any of you can actually see what the the prize is then do tell, hehe. P.S. It was my last official day at college today, though we have to go back after half term to put up our exhibition. P.P.S. Please take a look at my new shop, Jazzabelle's shop. Catchy name, huh? Ha! P.P.P.S. Thank-you all for your lovely comments and such, they mean oh so much to me. Love, Jazzabelle. EDIT: I just found out that the winner of this round will win an Asos goody bag, and will be entered into the grand final to win an amazing prize. How exciting!


  1. I've voted for you! You definitely have the best outfit on there :]

  2. Just voted. And I agree, your outfit is the best by far. Good luck!

    Lydia xxx


  3. I've voted! Good luck!

  4. i've voted for you, and you have the best outfit there without a doubt! :)

  5. I have voted for you, twice now! I really hope you win, you seem like a lovely person and I think you deserve it:)

  6. i love this outfit, it's so pretty!


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