five happy things #2

The weekend was absolutely jam-packed, right from the moment that I left the office on Friday, until I was tucked up in bed late on Sunday night. After a somewhat stressful week, a busy weekend full of fun was just what I needed - let me fill you in on recent happenings!

1. On Friday evening I rushed off after work to meet Amber, Michelle, Fern and Emily at The Grand Clapham for a High School Musical Party screening and club night. Yes, you read that right! It really was a night to remember - watching one of my favourite films on the big screen, mass sing-a-longs to all the songs, partying across two royal boxes and just generally letting my hair down with some lovely ladies. I've just spotted that they have announced the date for a HSM 2 & 3 marathon, so you can bet on it that I'll be going to that!

2. Waking up on Saturday morning, I may have felt a little worse for wear, but I was up relatively early to catch a train to Cambridge!. Rob drove up earlier that morning to attend his school friend's wedding, so I arrived a little later in the day, checked into our charming hotel and had a little wander around the city, before heading to the wedding reception. It was a super fun evening, celebrating such a special occasion with many of Rob's friends that I've got to know over the years. Somehow I had enough energy to be one of the last ones on the dance floor, too!It was my first time in Cambridge and I definitely wasn't there for long enough - it's somewhere I'd love to visit again.

3. The morning after the wedding, Rob and I drove to Rendlesham Forest to join his family for the day, who were halfway through their camping break. With two late nights behind me, I was ready to have a relaxing afternoon, but ended up spending hours playing some very competitive games of cricket and rounders in the sun, before a BBQ in the evening. I've been to the campsite a handful of times over the last two years, and it has become one of my happy places - I can't wait to go back!

4. If that wasn't enough from my weekend, one thing that made me a very happy lady... I won £250! Let's just say that it pays to listen to your boyfriend's golf tips - I'm very excited to add that sum to my savings *smug face*.

5. Today my legs ache from hours of dancing and playing sports, and my stomach hurts from laughing too hard - it really has got me excited for more days like this very soon - at the end of the month I'm off to Mallorca for a family holiday, then in September, Rob and I are heading back to Rendlesham for a camping weekend!

I hope you had a super weekend!
Love Jazz x

Photography by Steven Landles.

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  1. I love your idea to write down things that made you happy! How often we forget about all the little things that we should appreciate!


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