coffee & cath kidston

What. A. Week. Oh, am I glad it's the weekend!

The majority of this week has been consumed by one big headache. Y'know the ones that make you feel nauseous, weak, and extremely sensitive to light and sound? That. By Thursday I feared that I would be ill over the weekend, but luckily on Friday morning I woke up with a clear head and a positive attitude, ready to tick off my massive to-do list and have a productive day to set me up for a productive weekend. I'm feelin' pretty good today - hoping to work on some of my birthday goals, tidy my room (I swear that's my plan every weekend), clear my inbox, and finally get around to writing some blog posts on mine and Rob's Florida holiday!

To the outfit... My friend (and former colleague!) Emma recently sent me over a few Cath Kidston pieces to try. I love a good frill so I was all over this jumper, teaming it with my trusty Asos jeansTopshop shoes and Cath Kidston denim pouch, while on a recent shoot with Steven. We managed to nab a table outside Cafe Fleur for a coffee, and considering how busy this place can get, this was quite an achievement! A big thanks to my blogger babe and neighbour Paige for taking me here for brunch earlier this year, it's now one of my favourite local spots!

Well, time to make the most of my day - chat soon!
Jazz xx

Photography: Steven Landles
Location: Cafe Fleur, Wandsworth


  1. Lovely photo's! Glad you are feeling better and sounds like you are having a productive weekend - I should probably take a leaf out of your book there haha :) x

  2. Two of my favourite things! Im glad you're feeling better for the weekend.


    1. you can't beat coffee & cath kidston! thank you, becca! xx

  3. You always look so lovely, what a lovely spot for photos!

    Maria xxx


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