small changes & finding motivation

Topshop blazer - Topshop blouse via charity shop - Asos skirt (similar) - Boots c/o Next - Whistles bag

Oh, hey there! 
So you may notice that things are lookin' a little different around here...
This girl finally got her act together and spruced up Jazzabelle's Diary! 

After over seven years with the same layout, it was damn well time for a change. Whilst I'm super excited by this, things haven't gone quite as smoothly as I would like. As soon as I made these small changes to inspire me to post more regularly, Photobucket has messed me over by removing all hosted images from all my previous posts. Pretty annoying, but hey, sometimes things have to go wrong before they can go right - right?

Finding motivation is something I have been struggling with in my personal life recently. I'm happy that I finally made steps in the right direction for my blog, however I feel like I'm failing in other areas - I have barely exercised, constantly feel restless, and I have hit a brick wall with my savings. To be honest, I feel at a loss with my goals, I don't feel confident in what I'm working towards anymore, so I'm struggling to find the passion I need to be better, do better and generally get my shit together. 

I'm turning twenty five in two weeks, and I know my lack of motivation is probably affecting me more so than usual, because since I was a teenager, twenty five was always the age I thought I would have hit certain milestones in my life. Over the years I know that those goals were probably a little unrealistic for me, so, with that in mind, it's time to set myself some new goals. Goals that are achievable, but still adventurous, so I don't feel like I'm always failing, but instead working towards some pretty amazing things. I'll probably share them on here too, in hope that putting them in writing, for all to see, will keep me on the right track.

Have you struggled with motivation recently? How did you spur yourself on?

Love Jazz x


  1. I love the new look (and love that you've kept with the same header!)

    I've been feeling very much the same re: exercise, savings and motivation, especially the exercise. I feel as though I was doing so well, and it's all come to some sort of stand still.

    Hope you find the motivation you need soon! xx

    1. thanks fern! oh i don't think i could ever change that header, i love it so much!

      gah, it's so hard to keep up with exercise! it's always such a novelty at first, but then it soon wears off.

      you too! xx

  2. I totally get where you're coming from!

    I set myself 25 goals (mostly small, some big) for my 25th year - which actually helped a lot. When I turned 26 last month I realised how much I'd achieved and it felt amazing.

    You've certainly achieved a lot lovely, so don't be down on yourself! =]


  3. The blog looks lovely, hope it keeps you motivated to get back into blogging as often as you used to! :)
    I can easily start working on a goal, but it's the keeping it up I always struggle with... Today is my first day back to work after a fab relaxing holiday, and I was supposed to start on salads and give up my morning coffee to half hour exercise routine, but it isn't happening... :(
    Think I will start up next week, and I think I will try having little messages of encouragement for myself on the bathroom mirror, on the stairs going down to the kitchen, on the table and everywhere else I set my eyes on first thing in the morning!
    I will always try and have everything prepared for myself the night before, like the training gear, the lunch to take to work, the healthy snacks etc.
    In theory these all sound like things that could help keeping me on track, til the 21 days have gone and the habit has been formed, so will see! :)
    Blogging on the other hand requires a lot more commitment and research to get anywhere so still planning on that one! :)
    Look forward to finding out your new goals and ways to ensure they happen! :)
    Diana xxx

    1. thank you for such a lovely, long comment, diana!

      i love the idea of messages of encouragement, i definitely think that could help, or maybe even little alarm/reminders in your phone - i may have to try this!

      yes! definitely need to try and stay focused with things for 21 days, until they become a habit / the norm!

      good luck with all your goals!

  4. Love your outfit and the new website look! <3



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