a little saturday catch up...

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Boohoo jumper - Whistles bag (similar) - Asos jeans
Remember the good old days of blogging when you would shoot a few snaps, say "that will do" and pop your post up same day with just a line or two? Nothing fancy, just a classic ootd. Now that I've taken the unnecessary pressure off my blog, well, I thought I'd give it a go! So, this is what I wore today for brunch with my family, a coffee catch up with dad and wander around the shops afternoon. I picked up this jumper after seeing it on Laura - the sleeves are brilliant and hilarious in equal measure - it really does make me smile. The jeans are another recent addition to my wardrobe, and I've had this Whistles bag for around three years now, bought secondhand off a colleague at a previous job. It's lasted me pretty well so far, and I may have bought the matching pouch, coin purse and card holder since then, with the luggage tag and passport holder next on my list! 
If you're after more of a read this weekend, I highly recommend Kristabel's latest post, all about her experience on being black, British and a blogger. Being mixed race (Jamaican and British!), this post so so amazingly relatable for me - I'd love to write more about being mixed race and how racial issues affect me, but as I've said previously, I'm just unsure if I'd be able to articulate my thoughts eloquently enough. I'll start making notes for now, and maybe one day the post will end up on here. We shall see! Have a super weekend, y'all! Jazz xx


  1. Those sleeves! Wow! Love this outfit, I couldn't trust myself with such sleeves though- they'd be in my coffee within half an hour! x

    1. haha it's a struggle when it comes to washing up, but aside from that i've had no disasters (yet) x

  2. In love with the jumper, pink really suits you! xx


  3. I really miss the rawness of posts like these! Definitely need to make the effort to do more. I looooove your jumper xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  4. lovely look Jazabelle, I do love those good ol' snap and post blog posts and this one is no exception, that jumper looks so fun <3


  5. Aaah that jumper is gorgeous :)

    Rachael xx.

  6. I love the jumper and the bag! Honestly, I think you should just say what you feel from your heart. As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, I sometimes like to write about personal issues. As a black blogger, I know how hard it is to be noticed in the blogosphere but a long as I express my thoughts on my blog then I'm good.




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