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It's been a while since I've posted on here, over the last year I really have stepped back from my blog a little, more so in the last six months. Why? I've just not been feeling that inspired with it - the more I try to focus on my blog the more I compare myself, my photography and writing skills to others, which is unnecessarily bringing me down. And let's be honest, I work Monday - Friday so at the weekend sometimes all I want to do is be lazy and spend time with my boyfriend and family. I absolutely love my blog and what having it has done for me, but right now I'm doing what I can to keep my happiness levels up. And let me tell you, I really am pretty happy...

Life - Things in my life have been going pretty well this year, I've been feeling so content. I've started to get the itch to move out into my own home (hello, endless interior shopping!) and settling down a little, but I'm not in too much of a rush and I know that things will happen at the right time for me. I've reached a milestone on my savings and I've been making the most of the time I spend with my family, which are two of my priorities at the moment. 
Love - If you haven't worked it out from my Twitter and Instagram yet, I've fallen in love for the first time with the most amazin' guy. I never believed it when people would say "you'll meet someone when you least expect it", but in this case it certainly was true. I'm a pretty emotional and sentimental person so I won't ramble on for too long, but being in love and knowing that I'm with someone who loves me for who I am has made me feel so overwhelmed with happiness. Even my manager has said that when she looks at me she can see heart emojis above my head, haha! 
Work - I can't believe that I've been in my new job for five months already! Saying that sometimes it feels like longer. It's all been quite a learning curve for me, but I'm really proud of my career progress over the last 3 years. Going from a sales assistant to a visual merchandiser then the Flagship Marketing and Events Assistant at Cath Kidston, before moving to Tatty Devine to become their Marketing Executive, dabbling as a stylist in between. All of this without going to university shows it is possible, and even better? I have no debts to pay off! 
Well-being -  Since I wrote my 'flaws and all' blog post back in October, things have remained pretty similar. I've been taking little steps to improve my confidence, complexion, health and fitness, and besides two little blips since then (thanks to the pill and anxiety), things have been lookin' good. I've been getting earlier nights, making time to read, eating more fruit and veg, not working from home and generally just trying to keep positive. 

This post is a little bit different for me, but it's something I just had the urge to write, so I do hope you liked it! I don't know how often I'll be blogging in the near future, but you can always find me posting away on Twitter, Instagram and FacebookI'll chat to y'all soon. Love, Jazz.  

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