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bad luck.

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Brandy Melville top, gift - Joni jeans, Topshop, £38 (similar) - Shoes, Asos, £32 (similar) - Whistles bag, secondhand, £50 
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Why hello! It's been a while... It's now become a regular thing for me to share a post and then disappear for a month with no reason. Aside from a full time job being my main priority and the fact that I am quite a lazy lady, I have to say that recently I have fallen a little out of love with my blog. I feel pretty stuck in a rut with my style, look and blog aesthetic (how are you not bored of my over the shoulder poses and Chelsea Embankment yet?!) - I suppose I just lost my inspiration and passion for a little while. As blogging is just a hobby to me, it means that I don't have many qualms about posting so little, and because of that it means I also shouldn't be afraid of mixing things up a little, so be prepared for more lifestyle, home decor and snippets of my life, rather than just fancy outfit pictures - the content I like to think you were drawn to when I started my blog a few years ago.
Also, move over Asos Ridleys, Topshop Jonis are my new favourite jeans in town. High waisted, super fitted, gingham and they accentuate my figure (I'm so proud of my booty, not goin' to lie) - what more do I need? Well I'll be seeing you - I hope not sporadically! x

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