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Jumper, charity shop, 50p - Bag, car boot, free - Shorts, c/o The Kooples - Scarf, £4.79 - Socks, £2.99 - Shoes, £11.59, all New Look. 
Deary me, can you believe it's been just over a month since I last posted? Cor blimey. I have to say that for a while I felt a little bad for not posting, but I had to remind myself that after all this is my blog and I'd rather not post for a while than to write something half-heartedly. Plus to be honest I've been feeling a little down and unconfident recently, so it's been pretty darn nice to be quite seperate from my blog and to just focus on myself. I hope you all understand!

Just to update you, since my last post I've attended London Fashion Week (where I was photographed by Vogue Italia would you believe!), modelled for Tabio's A/W campaign (which should be on the website soon) and styled the window for my local British Heart Foundation branch. I've also recently landed my first job as a freelance stylist which is pretty exciting! I'm currently working with a large publishing company who are putting together a knitwear book, where I am in charge of styling, sourcing clothes and props, plus finding the perfect locations for the shoots. The first shoot took place on Wednesday which was brilliant, even more so as I had asked Rose to be the model, it was lovely to finally meet her. Today I also took part in a short talk with Amy, Kristabel and two others on blogging at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was quite insightful.
In other news, last month I found out that Jazzabelle's Diary has made the final shortlist for this year's Cosmo Blog Awards! I honestly never expected to make the shortlist in the slightest, I really am so happy. It's so lovely to know that so many of you like and appreciate my blog, so thank-you. Even though I know I haven't been the best blogger recently, it would mean the world if you could vote for me here under the 'Best Established Fashion Blog' category. Thank-you! Love, Jazzabelle.

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