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it would be, it would be so nice.

Hello everyone! I haven't mentioned it on my blog in quite a while, but I'm off to Thailand tomorrow for a lovely holiday! I'm going with fifteen other family members,  so it will be quite the reunion seeing as we are dotted about the country and some of us only see each other a few times a year. I've only been to Ireland, Portugal and Paris in the past so this is definitely my biggest holiday to date. I'm both really rather nervous and excited, for various reasons. My main worry is that my self confidence issues will get the better of me, but I'm trying to stay postive! My uncle is bringing his laptop and iPads (yes, he has two - ridiculous!) with him so I'm hoping I'll be able to blog once or twice whilst I'm out there, but if not I'm sure I'll be tweeting every now and then. See you soon! Love, Jazzabelle.

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