makes a nice change from a brick wall, doesn't it?

Photobucket   -Cos tee, charity shop, 50p -H&M jumper, gift -Belt, charity shop, £1.99 -Satchel, charity shop, £5.99 -Cargo jeans, courtesy of Next
This isn't what I wore today, but as I didn't take any outfits shots I thought I may as well just post these photographs my mum took of me a few days ago. I didn't post them then as I thought I looked rather ugly, but looking at them now I ought to learn to stop being so hard on myself. I adore these jeans which I bought a couple of weeks ago with a giftcard Next kindly sent me, I've worn them practically every day since I got them! They fit me really well on top, plus the side pockets on the thigh look great. Unfortunately they are a little too short for me, though I think thay work pretty well folded up with my Topshop boots. I had a lovely day today, I met my friend Elizabeth for a hot chocolate in Starbucks, a sandwich in Pret and then some yummy irish cream ice-cream from a little p√Ętisserie in Kingston. Now I'm at home in my pajamas, about to read my latest V&A magazine and nibble on my Graze box (which are extremely delicious by the way, I treat myself to them all the time. Oh, and if you enter the code 3R8MBRN3 you get your first box free and your second box half price, plus I get a pound of mine!) full of nuts, fruits, chocolate chips and flapjacks. I hope you have all had a lovely day, too. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Please do visit my Uncle's new blog, Defective Arts. He recently wrote a post about me here, he's very kind about me when he wants to be!


  1. I love how you've styled those jeans (: Very pretty photos - you shouldn't be so hard on yourself!

  2. Love the belted knit...I think you'll see in time that these pictures are never as bad as you think.
    I got a graze box too today, nom nom.

  3. Love those photos. can't believe how well you do charity shops. In Brighton the charity shops arn't that good. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to look around!

  4. i'm actually insanely jealous of all the things you find in charity shops. there's nothing that i like in the ones near me :/ xx

  5. I love the jeans, I can see why you wouldn't want to take them off for awhile! The little side pockets are such a nifty detail!

  6. Great photos! Natural and fresh! Lovew the sweater :D

  7. You look gorgeous woman!!

    I adore that jumper/belt combo, very cute!

    Little Rach

  8. Oh I love this outfit. I wish i had long legs to wear my pants like that... xxx

  9. Very cute outfit. Graze boxes look amazing :), almost ordered some the other night.


  10. You look great in those jeans. They're a bit short, but that makes your outfit even more special. Love these pics and the one in fron of the brick wall, too! =)

    Have a great weekend!


  11. You look as lovely as ever! It looks like Spring in these pictures, so cold now though! Hasn't the weather turned quickly?
    I love you scissors necklace in the last post by the way - gorgeous. And I am just about to have a look at your Uncle's blog.

    Hope your all good, its great to see you blogging again,

    R x

  12. glad to see you back blogging again, I have missed your little outfit posts as a source of inspiration
    these pictures are lovely, although the brick wall is pretty much famous on this blog ha
    the belt is lovely too xx

  13. 'rather ugly' my bottom! you always look lovely, and your long legs make me sick (with jealousy, just to clarify!) xx

  14. Yay, you're back!!! Gorgeous gorgeous. What lovely autumnal pictures xx

  15. I've just started wearing my cream jumper, i must admit i'm so smitten with the colour, I even went and bought some leg warmers in the same style. I love the way you've styled this outfit.

    These photogrpahs are lovely. I love how all the autumn leaves have fallen xx

  16. Hi Jazabelle, this is a really beautiful post. I love the belted jumper layered with the tee.

    Yes, it does make a lovely change from the very famous brick wall. I think it will be lovely to watch the autumn/winter changes. I love autumn colours!!!

  17. A lovely mix of textures, shapes and colours, Jazz!
    Such a pretty new background, does justice to the beautiful girl in the foreground. Ugly? Don't be daft. xxx

  18. You look lovely and so perfectly autumnal! I'm very jealous of all these next items that keep popping up
    It would be mine

  19. the jumper is love.
    your style is gorgeous, love your blog.


  20. As much as I love that brick wall, this is definitely a good variation!! I really like that jumper too....you're so lucky with bargains!


  21. You look lovely in that outfit. Thanks for the Graze code - I used to get their boxes delivered to work once a week but stopped because I felt I was eating stuff that I didn't really need. Will use the code as a treat though. xx

  22. do you mean you get the first box totally free with that code? is that right? i would really get to try a free sample!

    actually, while writing this i have now signed up for just one delivery to see if i like it. why not eh. i didn't realise they make a plan, i only want one so i cancelled all the over deliveries. clever! just hope they don't keep charging me.

    you are too harsh on yourself, no need you're well photogenic

  23. wow, this outifit looks great on you, its not just the background that's new, I think I'm seeing different types of clothes/colours/textures and you are looking great in them! good on you!


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