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until next time, london fashion week.

Yesterday by far was my favourite day at London Fashion Week; on Friday I felt rather stressed and on Saturday I was rather ill, but Monday was practically perfect! As the weather was lovely and warm, I opted for one of my favourite charity shop finds, a handmade tie dye dress, quickly got ready, then made my way to Somerset House stopping to get a Starbucks Cafe Creme Frappuccino along the way...
Distorted reflection shot! Winnie from Diamond Canopy and Kristabel from I Want You To Know.
*Tie dye dress, charity shop, £3 *Brogues, Debenhams, £22 *Bag, car boot sale, free *Belt, charity shop, 50p *Turban, Claire's, £3.50
As soon as I entered the courtyard, I was greeted by two street style photograghers one after the other wanting to shoot me, which I just couldn't believe but of course obliged, then a few moments later I was stopped by a lovely woman asking if she could film me whilst I described what I was wearing. After my mini interview I bumped into the always wonderful Jill, and soon after we started talking a man ran up to me saying 'stay there, don't move' and rushed back to take my photograph. I was in awe of what was going on so I simply did what I was told, trying to act calm and natural, when Jill said to me 'Jazmine, do you know who he is? He's The Sartorialist!' with a huge beam on her face! I just couldn't believe it! There is no way on earth I am expecting to see myself on his blog, but it's enough to know that everyone who photographed me yesterday did so beacuse they liked me and what I was wearing. You street style photographers certainly know how to boost a a girl's confidence, don't you? Anyway the rest of the day consisted of Winnie, Kristabel and I mooching around (stealing lots of free Vitamin Water, but let's not go into that), eating plenty of food in the press room with Shini eating her first ever scone, taking photographs aplenty and meeting up with other bloggers including Claire from Tweet and Yishyene. Oh, the man taking my picture in the bottom photograph isn't The Sartorialist, I actually haven't a clue who he is, he kind of just interrupted Winnie, Kristabel and I in the middle of us taking our outfit shots, hehe. Love, Jazzabelle.

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