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so why are you so fascinated with that wall, then?

*Shorts, top and scarf, charity shop, 50p each *Oasis bag, charity shop, £5 *Headscarf, car booty, 50p *Primark raincoat, mum's. 
Goodness, I'm rather excited for the fact that it's nearly Autumn (hence my last post's title!). I just can't wait for the leaves to turn beautiful shades of orange, red and purple, to wake up in the morning and watch the sunrise as I get ready for college, feel the crisp air on my way to the train station, snuggle up in Starbucks with a signature hot chocolate, then leave college at five o'clock to a darkened sky. What are you looking foward to this Autumn? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S I chose the greeny-grey pair of Berties shoes below, I adore them to pieces! P.P.S. The title to this post, that's what a man asked me just as my mum had started to take some shots of me, how embarassing! I wonder how many times he has seen me there, as well as the rest of the locals! How do you deal with taking your outfit pictures in public?

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