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looking forward to the weekend.

On the 23rd of this month it'll be my sixth time attending London Fashion Weekend, so I'm rather excited! It will be my first time attending alone and as a 'blogger', so I'm intrigued to know whether these factors will change my experience at the event. For those who don't know much about London Fashion Weekend, it's a designer shopping event for the public held twice a year at Somerset House (previously at the Natural History Museum) which follows directly after London Fashion Week (which I'll actually be attending for the first time, oh my!).
What's great about LFWE is that there is a range of designer clothes, jewellery and accessories being sold at reduced prices to suit every budget, so if you have five pounds or five hundred you will find something lovely to take home with you. I have bought many things in the past, with my favourite purchase being a lovely Audrey Hepburn umbrella I picked up for fifteen pounds (I'll show you soon, promise). As well as being able to purchase designer pieces, there is also a catwalk show which focuses on the trends of the season and a show bag to take home full of goodies from London Fashion Weekend's partners. LFWE runs from the 23rd to the 26th and prices for tickets start from £12.50, I truly recommend going. It's such a lovely day out, I mean, I've been six times already! Will any of you be attending? I usually go on the Sunday, which is the best day to pick up a bargain as it's the last day, but this time I'll be going in the opening night. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below and I'll do my best to answer them, or have a look at the frequently asked questions here. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. I'm off to The National Gallery tomorrow with my Grandma, so expect a photo heavy post in the next few days!


  1. This looks like an amazing event, wish I had known about it before! Maybe I'll attend next year.

  2. oh you should, ellie! it's not too late to book tickets, you'd love it!

  3. I'm so looking to FW! Hopefully I will meet you there x

    ps -Check out the link to 'Don't Panic' magazine on the right column of my blog - you might recognise the name of a certain blog I mentioned ;)

  4. wow, i've always wanted to go &
    indulge in some bargains;
    i didn't realise it was as
    simple as buying a ticket
    have a lovely time :)




  5. It all sounds amazing, can't wait. Have got the blogger press pass for the exhibition - not sure if I'm going to apply for any catwalk shows. Would love to attend one, just to see what it's like. Hopefully meet you on the Saturday or Sunday. xx

  6. I'm excited for fashion week too, hope to see you there!

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  7. LFWE sounds like my sort of thing....but I've gotta keep strong and keep my purse closed!!!

    damn lfw.....


  8. i would love to go but i think i would spend too much money haha. i am going to the good food show in november though which is similar i guess but for foodies hehe

  9. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping against hope I can attend this! Sounds wonderful. x

  10. Please show us the Audrey Hepburn umbrella, it sounds so beautiful and I can imagine it is the perfect accessory.

    I’m so uneducated on London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend, I thought they were the same thing, how silly am I?
    I can’t wait to see what you get up to, this is a fantastic opportunity and be sure to have a wonderful time xxx

  11. Congrats!!! This must be amazing!

  12. I wish I had a spare £13 right now. As a photographer nervously stepping into the fashion industry, I do need to go at some point- I don't think I could cope under the pressure of not spending money on beautiful clothes however! Ha well, if I'm there next year I suppose..
    Have a brilliant time, I've just sorted following so I'm really looking forward to your next updates - especially regarding LFW events.

  13. I'm going to this too! On the Saturday. Went to the very first year they did and haven't been since so hope it'll be fun! also hope I'm good and don't spend too much :)

  14. I hope we meet somewhere for real this time ;)
    Which events will you be attending?
    xx mary


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