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*COS t-shirt and H&M cardigan, charity shop, 50p each *Belt and bag, car boot sale, free *H! by Henry Holland trousers, £10.50
Today was my first day of my third year in college, it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've been more of a nervous wreck than usual for the last few days, thank-you to everyone who wished me good luck! It was only the first induction day, though, so I never really got the chance to talk to anyone, but there seem to be some lovely people. We've got two projects to complete by next Monday, one is to create a piece of work which represents me in some way using a glass bottle or jar, whilst the other is to fill out a little questionnaire. One of the questions which stood out for me is 'describe your character in six words'. How would you describe your character in six words? I'm finding it rather difficult to answer to be honest, so far my chosen words are creative, awkward, pessimistic, inquisitive, unconfident and sarcastic. Out of curiousity, as well as describing your character, how would you describe mine? Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. glad it wasn't as bad as you thought (:
    & i love those trousers on you!

    i'd describe myself as: eccentric, protective; playful, sensitive,opinionated & extroverted.

    & i'd say you were warm, inquisitive, honest and interesting.

  2. What a lovely simple yet chic outfit! LOVE IT! xo

  3. Don't be worried about school, I'm sure you'll have a fun year and besides it must be nice seeing all your friends again! Good luck with your projects too! I'm not sure what I'd write to describe myself in 6 words but it sounds like you're putting yourself down a bit which there is no need to cos I'm sure you're fab =)

  4. PS I love your back to school outfit, I have a similar pair of trousers from H&M, they go with everything! Very practical x

  5. I'm glad you've already started and now are more relaxed. You shouldn't miss "shrewd" and "light-hearted" in your description =); I'd say "fashionable", "pretty", too, but that wouldn't sound good as adjectives to describe your own self, no? Hehe.



  6. OMG That Cos t-shirt is gorgeous, and the trousers! Not sure how I'd describe myself in 5 words, it's a bit limiting isn't it?! ;)

  7. Love the trousers! They really suit you.

    I'd describe myself as creative, pernickety, bossy, passionate, generous and judgemental.

    I'd describe you as creative, friendly, warm, honest, stunning and stylish! :) xx

  8. Me - - um. Insecure, kind, pessimistic, moody (!), bookish, restless.

    You - pretty, stylish (very), creative, friendly, warm, interesting.

    I realise i've never met you - but these were the words that come across through cyber space!

  9. First of all, great outfit, a perfect back-to-school look!

    6 words from what I know about you - pretty, friendly, stylish, creative, enthusiastic, talented. (and needs to give herself more credit -though that's more than 6 words!!)

    So there :)

  10. oooh you just started too! I'm glad it went well :)

    Ok for your assessment I'd say you are friendly, creative, sweet, clever and very pretty!

    I'm sorry I haven't been in touch recently, I actually saw you had written to me on twitter days later and then forgot to reply :( I am really upset actually because I have to work on weekends which means I won't be able to make it to the workshops at the v&a very often, I'm still on a trial period so can't ask too much.. I can't come on sunday and I am absolutely gutted. I hope you will enjoy if you are going and please tell me how it went! :)

    hope to see you soon (I will make it to the meeting on tuesday )


  11. glad it went ok, i remember my first day at uni and nothing really happened. i'm awkward to i reckon but everyone is very nice.

    hmmm i'd say i'm relaxed, apathetic, busy, controlled, happy, itching(to get out there and do anything!). hard question though

  12. Glad to hear you survived, knew you would miss :)

    I would say I am, overly sensitive with a whackingbig heart. Because whackingbig is obviously one word ha!
    jazzy ♥

  13. I love those pants

  14. i always love the use of your neutral colors. :)

  15. I ordered some of these trousers from the Debenhams sale!

    Corinne x

  16. For you I would say: intersting, special, starbucks, perseverent, style icon, pessimistic!:P And pessimistic for no reason.:) I really trust in you and I'm sure you'll make all your dreams come true. Just wait and see...

    And for me I would say: adventurous, spontaneous, loial, independent, leader, funny. :D I thought more about mine than yours.:))

    Kiss ya!

  17. God I really love those trousers on you! I hope your induction week goes well - don't worry, you will be fine!

    I think your character is more confident and chatty than you think, kind, artistic, creative and definitely a good eye for a bargain!

    Mines...ack. Geeky, impatient, lazy, good-sense-of-humour, hardworking and independent..i think!


  18. i would say that u've made a great style with basic item!! :D

    CLIFF from http://cropcripcrop.blogspot.com/

  19. I’m glad everything went ok for you at college, sounds like the start of another exciting year for you.
    I hate describing myself, I really do, but if anything I would say I am creative, loyal and passionate.

    You are an inspiration, and my words for you would simply be-
    Creative, honest, kind, elegant, imaginative & wonderful xx

  20. Kind-hearted, caring, friendly, intelligent, creative and stylish.


  21. hello i'm your newest follower and loving all your pics :) i'm def going to have a go at editing more of mine when i find the time.. massive fan of house of holland too :)


  22. ive just sat here and gone through nearly all of your posts! haha. love the blog, you're so so stylish and im so so jealous! also, we have the same camera, and it clearly works ten times better for you! xx


  23. Hi there, I'm a new follower! Love your blog, I would describe you as eclectic, pretty, and stylish!

    love Amie xoxo


  24. those pants are so cute. i'm hunting them down but don't think they ship here. sigh.

  25. I love the trousers on you!
    Thanks for your advice - think we are going to give the battersea carboot a go this weekend! perhaps will see you there! x

  26. You made me your current favourite blog?!?! Thank you, that's so sweet! See you in just over a week, can't wait for LFW, so exciting! x

  27. Great post, love the pants! Man I wish we had decent charity shops in South Africa. It's mostly hobo clothes, and some dodgy size 18 polyester dresses in ghastly bold prints.

    Me in six words...
    lost, silly, sarcastic, sleepy, dreamer, oddball.

    Since I've just started following you, I don't think I can describe you properly. But from what I've seen... Chic, pretty, inventive, shy, playful, endearing.

  28. you have amazing style! love the neutral color combinations and the belt!

    following you on bloglovin!
    follow me back if you like ^_^

  29. I'm quite like you except for the "sarcastic" thing !

    I love the outfit by the way

    See U !

  30. great look, can't believe it's mostly charity shop/car boot stuff! it looks brill!



  31. love your blog!!!! awesome style :)) am your new follower!!


  32. Such a beautiful and sensible outfit :)

  33. Great outfit Jazz!
    Literally can't wait for LFW :)


  34. I love this!
    I would describe you as beautiful, creative and kind!
    Love, Athena. xxx

  35. Hey! I love this outfit on you, it looks casual but still chic.
    I would describe myself: introverted, generous, shy, tall, ambitious and curious
    You: pretty, artsy, insecure, cute, scared and kind.

    Good luck with school, I hope you'll have a great semester :)

  36. You are so gorgeous - if I was describing you in six words, gorgeous would definitely be in there! Will you show me this amazing 50p charity shop? I want to do a Battersea Sunday really soon...


  37. I love this outfit--so comfy and...well, just nice looking! <3 I see your blog has grown quite a bit!! niice. lucky duck you, getting to go to LOndon fashion week. I can't even go to New York fashion week. >.<


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