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*COS t-shirt and H&M cardigan, charity shop, 50p each *Belt and bag, car boot sale, free *H! by Henry Holland trousers, £10.50
Today was my first day of my third year in college, it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've been more of a nervous wreck than usual for the last few days, thank-you to everyone who wished me good luck! It was only the first induction day, though, so I never really got the chance to talk to anyone, but there seem to be some lovely people. We've got two projects to complete by next Monday, one is to create a piece of work which represents me in some way using a glass bottle or jar, whilst the other is to fill out a little questionnaire. One of the questions which stood out for me is 'describe your character in six words'. How would you describe your character in six words? I'm finding it rather difficult to answer to be honest, so far my chosen words are creative, awkward, pessimistic, inquisitive, unconfident and sarcastic. Out of curiousity, as well as describing your character, how would you describe mine? Love, Jazzabelle.

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