oh hello, remember me?


*Lace top, charity shop, 50p *Shorts, charity shop, 25p *Tights, Asos, gift *Cardigan, H! by Henry Holland, £6 *Vintage bag, free.
Hello everyone! I'm back from my little blogging break, thank-you for waiting and for not pressing the dreaded 'stop following' button. The reason why I stopped blogging for a while was because I lost a bit of confidence in myself and my blog. I'm not the prettiest or the most stylish. I don't have a lot of money so I can't afford to buy all of my clothes from high street shops, I don't have a fancy blog layout and my posts aren't as varied as others. But I suppose those are the reasons why you follow me, right? I'm just a simple, unconfident, awkward eighteen year old who enjoys shopping in charity shops, having the occasional Starbucks and is obsessed with the Victoria and Albert Museum, hehe. So thank-you for following, commenting, and reading my blog, I really do appreciate it. Since my break I've been mentioned on a few other blogs, so please visit The Fashion Diary of a Frenchie in London for a few more photographs on mine and Iris' little meet up, Not Just Medical for a couple of photographs of me from the Next blogger event and finally Jazzpad to read my interview I did with the wonderful Claire. Love Jazzabelle. P.S. The outfit is what I wore to the Next Model competition, which you may have heard about through other people's blogs, but more on the event tomorrow! P.P.S. Hello to all of my new followers on here and twitter!


  1. I am so glad you are back.
    I love the lace, I love the shorts, in fact I think I just love the entire outfit!
    You are so stylish and wonderful. And don't ever think otherwise.
    & I simply love your blog just as it is xx

  2. I love your blog, I've only started following in the last couple of weeks but really enjoy all your posts, your outfits and your V&A adventures hahaha, I've been there quite a bit recently too, I'm not as obsessed as you are but it is a lovely place =) Your blog is fantastic and definitely not lacking in content so no reason to feel down about it, but these things happen to all of us from time to time so just try to embrace all the good stuff that is happening because of it.

    Woo, that sounds a bit lame haha but whatevs it's true =) PS I love that H! cardigan, it'll be so perfect come winter ummmm I wonder if my local Debs has any left....... x

  3. It is good to have you back! Your blog is wonderful and as I have said before, one of my favourites to read and also for style inspiration. I for adore your simplistic layout and always find your posts interesting to read.

  4. So glad to see you back - have missed you!

    I think you're incredibly pretty & stylish & I'm so much more impressed by the fact your outfit cost £6.75 than I would be if it had cost £67.50 or even £675 - seriously, I really really really really mean that :)


  5. wooooooo, you're back! no, seriously, i just woo'd outloud.


    (and you have one of the best blogs. it's ridiculously impressive to see how stylish you are without the aid of expensive clothes - it's what makes you such a good blogger)

  6. I hate to think of you losing confidence! Your blog is one of my absolute favourite, I'm in love with your style. You wear your clothes so well! It's so much more interesting that your clothes are 50p from a charity shop than from boring old Topshop and H&M (like mine), I find you so inspiring in that way!
    From the way you write I can tell you are such a sweet genuine person, and it doesn't matter that your posts aren't varied when your outfits are so pretty!

    I hope that helped boost your confidence a little, because I mean every word of it!

  7. SO pleased to have you back, gorgeous girl! I adore your blog for its simplicity and I don't think anyone would describe you as 'not the prettiest or most stylish' - don't lie to us! ;) xx

  8. The reason why I love your blog so much is because you buy all your clothes at charity shops! You have such an eye, and you have such wonderful style - more than you give yourself credit for. You're a really talented writer too and just generally a lovely person!

    I followed your advice too and I found bought a gorgeous little teapot in a local chairty shop today, I rummaged around and I found it!
    So thanks for the advice, and keep blogging because I really do love your blog.

  9. Lovely outfit! Please don't lose confidence in yourself and your blog, I like how it is simple and understated :)


  10. Yayyy you're back!

    Regardless of what you think of yourself and your blog, I can guarantee people follow you because you offer something different and interesting - I mean I like it that you manage to dress up with such bargain buys!


  11. you are super pretty if you ask me! plus i do think you are the best bargain hunter, come on your outfit cost 6.75!

  12. Tehe, you've just brightened up my day :) How could we ever forget you? You dear are gorgeous, and never lose sight of that! You're one of those people who are both beautiful on the inside and out, and its a joy to read your blog.
    Loving the outfit as always, especially the cardigan, and I can't wait for tomorrow to find out more about the competition.
    Oo it's great to have you back and blogging :)


  13. I'm so glad your back, I love your blog! Yes, that is the reason we read your blog and I think you have wonderful style and you inspire me a lot to shop in charity shops you seem to get many wonderful things. Ooh, good luck with the next competition m'love! X

  14. Lovely to have you back with us, Jazz!
    Who wants to be pretty? Pretty is bland, mainstream and forgettable. Glamorous, stylish with a fabulous personality are far more important and you've got all three by the bucketload. xxx

  15. Oh! I'm so happy to read that you're back! You should see all those things that you said as something positive. That's who you are. We follow you because we love this blog for what it is. I'm not sure if I explained it right... Anyways, I'm really glad to have you back and see another wonderful outfit! xxx

  16. Welcome back. This has got to be the most bargainous outfit ever. And you and your blog are great so don't doubt it! x

  17. Gald your back! I love your blog layout. I think it looks really stylish (and simple in a good way!) definately better then some blogs which are way overcomplicated and not nice to look out! love the outfit & you look lovely on the notjustmedical pictures! Millie xxx

  18. ^^ 17 dedicated followers, we're here :)
    Good to see your back, and rocking neutral shorts
    It would be mine
    And yes, you do have an unhealthy obsession with the V&A!

  19. fabulous outfit my dear!! love the holey loose knit cardy! :) xo

  20. WOW! gorgeous! you look great, lovely outfit!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden :)

  21. I'm glad you're back, i'm a new follower!

    I love your outfit posts as they feature clothes that all of us could buy and that show that if you look through enough clothes you'll find something awesome in a charity shop, although the ones near me are normally full of rubbish clothes but they have some pretty great books so i get alot of books there.

    I also think you look stunning (i'm sure you won't believe me) you're so effortlessly beautiful and you clearly don't know it which makes you even prettier.

    Don't change a thing about you or your blog!

  22. Love the tights and cardigan <3 I spend way too much time on Asos..
    Glad you're back :)

  23. Glad you're back! You're break was actually shorter than my unintentional one heh, but I'm very glad!
    And yes that's exactly why I read your blog! I love seeing all your charity shop finds, it's far more interesting than seeing someone else posting about the same Topshop dress (which is exactly what I do haha). You find some absolute gems, I'm still so jealous of your big brown bag, I never manage to find anything as lovely in charity shops, despite my endless searching. x

  24. I'm happy to see your back! Yours is one of the special blogs I really enjoy reading first thing in the morning :)

  25. Welcome back! I'd never press unfolow - I enjoy the outfits too much. :)

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  26. Very nice :D

  27. the lace top...OMG, jealous :D


  28. Yeahhh you're back!:) These shorts are great, and at 25p it's not even a bargain, it's just shameful! haha

    oooooh my god I'm so sorry I couldn't make it today at the meeting yet again.. they called me to work today at the last minute :'( I will definitely be there for the next one though!
    Also I wanted to tell you about something happening soon, a fashion show by the oxfam boutique I volunteered in! I'll send you an email because this comment is getting ridiculously long :D

    xxx Iris

  29. You're back - yay! I know it's hard, but please try to have confidence in yourself. You're young, gorgeous, have a lovely personality and have everything going for you. Everyone else can see it! xxx

  30. PS Said with the experience of advanced years! I wish I'd been more confident when I was younger. xx

  31. Those shorts are so pretty! And yes, one of the reasons I follow your blog is because it's uncomplicated and just simply nice, which is quite refreshing in the blog-world.

  32. You look lovely. You're gorgeous and stylish and don't you dare think otherwise! And, blimey, I'm so jealous of those shorts. :)

    P.S. I just became your 50th follower on Bloglovin!


  33. your blog is great the way it is...don't try to change (:

  34. yay welcome back! i haven't been following you for long but i love your posts so far & wouldn't dream of pressing 'unfollow' :)

    i absolutely love your shorts...beautiful photo!

    you left me a lovely comment on my blog & also asked what camera i use...i use my boy's nikon D5000 & then i usually edit in piknik. i used the cross processing effect at 50/60% for the pics you asked about :)



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