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*Vintage polka dot dress, charity shop, £3 *White belt, charity shop, 50p *Sunhat, Primark, £3 *Vintage bag, car boot sale, free. I did indeed feel like a proper lady today, with my polka dot dress below the knee, clinched in at the waist, sunhat and vintage bag. This is one of the dresses I bought yesterday, I'm in love! I adore polka dots and pretty collars, so how could I not buy it? My auntie and I felt like matching today (because we are cool like that, or not, you decide), she also bought her sheer Asos dress in a charity shop yesterday for only £1.70! We had such a lovely time at the beach today, I can't remember what it was called, but the water was just so clear and warm! Okay, maybe not this clear because of the editing effect I always use, but nevertheless it was beautiful! So after the beach we got some ice lollies, went into town, got a Mcdonalds burger (argh, I've gotta stop eating so much junk food, it's quite disgusting!) and then walked back to where we parked the car. Along the way back we decided to trek through a forest, which resulted in us tripping over many times, getting severely out of breath (I'm so darn unfit!) and nearly falling down a steep hill, hehe. Anyway, right now I'm eating mint choc icecream sprinkled with crumbled chocolate cookies (yesterday we had chocolate bourbons, yum) and my little cousins, uncle and I are off to the local park to play football. I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday, what have you all been up to? Love Jazzabelle.

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