I'm not happy with how I look in these pictures, as my hair looks completely fucked because of the wind (though to be honest, my hair always looks pretty darn rubbish, ha) and my face looks rather weird, but these photos are just too wonderful not to show you. They were taken by my little cousin, Kyron, who's nine years old. I hired him as my photographer for the day. You can see his reflection in the second picture, hehe.
I'm wearing a Primark polka dot blouse I bought earlier today for £1.25, isn't it cute? I just wore it with a bra underneath, I love to be demure but a tad daring at the same time. I'm also wearing a Primark peach cardigan I got for 50p in my favourite charity shop and Primark brogues. Wow, that's a lot of Primark, ha! The floral Wendy Skirt is another piece that was kindly sent to me by the lovely people at Funk Rock. Oh yes, and here is the 10p vintage bag I mentioned in my previous post in all of it's glory! Definately one of my top bargains. Love, Jazzabelle.


  1. I adore the skirt and the blouse they look lovely! I really like these pictures and the setting, maybe you should hire your cousin as a permanent photographer!

  2. I LOVE the blouse!! so cute! not to mention the adorable floral skirt and the sweet bag which matches your brogues to perfection! :D

    xxx Iris

  3. i'm happy about the way you look in the pictures!

    you are the queen of cheapo buys, wish this cheapness could work for boys shopping

  4. Aww, lovely pics - he did a grand job for you. xx

  5. Wow your cousin did a great job on the photos - bless him!

    I love this outfit - gorgeous :)

    Cannot believe that bag cost you 10p - that is just too ridiculously cheap for words - & it looks perfect..?! Where do you find these shops!?


  6. Aw, bless him! You look really cute in that outfit. Oh I do love the bag! x

  7. You look great!
    Can't believe you managed to find that bag for 10p, amazing!
    And your cousin did a fantastic job.

    Lydia xxx

  8. You gorgeous thing! thank you for the lovely comment too!

    That bag is so cute, what an amazing bargain! We may just be thrifting soul sisters!

  9. Beautiful outfit Jazzabelle! (as always ;)
    You're so great at finding beautiful bargains - that purse is adorable! I almost fell off my chair when I saw it was only 10p! :O

    p.s. thankyou for your lovely comment last week :) sorry i'm so slow to reply

    x x x

  10. we don't really have many decent ones in my area(well you know what i mean, dont get much stock ect, i live in a weird town)

    hey well if you do ever seen any nice items for 50p it would be great if you could pick them up for me and send them and i would re-imburse(don't know how you spell that one) you for your troubles!

  11. your outfit looks so lovely!
    and your little cousin did very well indeed bless him
    i am still very envious of that bag!
    and that you seem to get such lovely primark buys!
    mine local one is rubbish
    belle xx

  12. You look fine in these pictures, don't worry! This outfit is so sweet, and I agree, your cousin did a great job taking these photos :)

  13. You look cute :) and I love you are wearing lighter tones, I can't get over how good they look on you!


  14. it doesn't really work like that in our charity shops right up north, it's mostly tat. only thing i found worth noting was a liberty tie for £1.

    oh no i didn't mean clothes, mean like belts, small things. thanks though and we will see! which comment's on jil's?

  15. The 10p bag is beyond words amazing. Very very much so.
    I love the setting of these photographs. xx

  16. That skirt is lovely! xo


  17. such a bargain! you look darling. your cuz is quite the photographer :)

  18. that bag is gorgeous! adorable look

  19. Your style is excellent. I love everything about this outfit. And your cousin has a real eye! Great shots. I never understand what you don't like in certain shots about your hair or face, but maybe if I keep shooting you over time I'll get it. Call me stupid but I think you look great all the time!

  20. loving this outfit - super cute! ck :) x


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