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I met up with the wonderful Iris from The Fashion Diary of a Frenchie in London yesterday. We are both huge lovers of the Victoria and Albert Museum (we are both members of the CreateVoice youth forum, thank-you once again for getting me involved, Iris!), so it was the perfect place to meet. We briefly looked around the new Peter Rabbit exhibition, sat outside the steps of the V&A for a while, then popped to the adorable Lula magazine pop up store in Harvey Nichols. I've never actually read Lula before, but it's Iris' favourite magazine and I now see why she loves it. I think I may have to treat myself the latest copy and spend a couple of hours looking through the beautiful images. I only really read Vogue at the moment, I've got quite a collection now! I've got an issue from 1975 which I bought at my local car boot sale for only £2, it's amazing to see how the magazine and fashion has developed over the years. Just a little post, I'm feel rather tired at the moment. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Sorry for not posting any pictures from my little trip to Brighton, it just wasn't my day for photographing or being photographed, and as you may have noticed I am rather particular about the pictures I post on my blog. I had lovely day, though!
P.S. I totally forgot to mention we also had a little look in the Grace Kelly exhibition whilst at the Victoria and Albert, Museum, hehe.

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