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*Hobo jumper, charity shop, 50p *Lace hair bow, Claire's, £4.50 *Satchel, charity shop, £4 *Cardigan, H! by Henry Holland, £6 I'm feeling pretty darn good today, I hope you all are too! Though I'm feeling slightly sick, as I got a tad drunk with my friend Mary last night, hehe. So, guess where I'm off to now? Brighton! I am sure the fresh air and the wonderful vintage shops will do me the world of good. My dear friend Elizabeth is driving us down, I haven't seen her in a couple of months so it will be lovely to catch up! If any of you bloggers live in Brighton, tweet me at 'jazzabellediary' and we could possibly arrange something? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S Ohh, I should have some exciting news to tell you on Tuesday, if all goes to plan! Please wish me luck! P.P.S. Thank-you for all of your sweet comments on my previous post, I'm an extremely emotional and sentimental person, all of your comments really made me smile. Catch up with you all later, bye-bye!

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