Oh my goodness, I've been dotted by the wonderful Jill at Polka Dot! I am truly honored, and I would like to thank everybody for the most sweetest, kind-hearted comments I have ever read. As you know, I lack a great deal of confidence and self esteem, and though a post can't magically give me confidence or make me feel beautiful (though I do think I look rather pretty in the right photograph), it has certainly made me want to get over my issues, as people really do love me for who I am. Okay, so this sounds awfully cliche, but it's true. Thank-you once again, everybody. Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. These pictures were taken at the Rare blogger event, don't you just love the blue wedge? P.P.S. Please visit my friend Christine's blog, Dress up, Glam it up! She's new to the blogging world, just like I used to be, hehe.


  1. Thats awesome that you are feeling the love from your readers! You look truly amazing in these pics, such a gorgeous figure you have and its so nice to hear some honesty and freedom in your writing! Yeh, the blue wedge is hot!

  2. You look very lovely and cute at the same time on these pictures! You are the greatest! :))

  3. Well hello my love!

    Indeed you do look very pretty... in both shots!

    Your legs are killer fyi.


  4. You are amazingly pretty!
    And the shoes. OH THE SHOES.
    It would be mine

  5. You already knew that you have readers that like you a lot!:P Here is one!:d


  6. I have to say you look lovely. I loved Jill's pictures of you!


  7. Oh thanks for the link, I needed that. I seem to be the only audience of my own blog. HAHA
    I was a bit surprised when I saw comments on my posts and you look beautiful. xo

  8. Oh gosh, you look stunning! Those photographs are absolutely lovely :]
    I'm glad things are looking more positive for you :]
    Nikki, xo.

  9. You look so pretty in these photos! I love the wedges :) Lovely blog, I'm following!

  10. i just adore your style! totally agree with you that you look so pretty in these photos! i've been entering competitions on martin's money saving website but i dont seem to be having much luck :( sigh

    anywayy, im quite new to the blogging world so i'd love it if you could stop by mine :)


  11. Oh wow looking fabulous! Loving the wedges! I was invited to that event but unfortunately I couldnt make it and I have seen photos all over the blogosphere and I am SO jealous! You look fabulous!
    - Adele

  12. P.S Where are these boots from!? (Not the wedges?)

  13. You look so sweet! I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit more confident, as you have every reason to!

    xxx Iris

  14. Oh, sweet pea, thank you! You're such a delight. Now I can't wait to post shots of you in the dresses: they're AMAZING shots!! xox

  15. I love both pairs of shoes you have on! I want a pair of those wedges, I'd have thought they'd be easy to walk in. Do you think they're comfy? x

  16. You remind me of me... so much. We even have very similar shapes and features!! - I have exactly the same issues and I don't think everyone realises it can be a daily struggle no matter what anyone says.

    I do think you're very inspirational - and very beautiful.

    Little Rachael Vintage

  17. You look absolutely gorgeous, as ever :)
    That's one of the best things about blogs, how they can actually help you overcome insecurities a bit. Just remember our comments next time you're feeling low, because you're a total beaut <3

  18. really love your outfit and your figure is to die for!

  19. glad you have got a nice response from jil's post, she's a good egg eh. i used some cream for my scars too, but decided to test in on my cheast/neck first, good job as i came out in an angry bright red rash 10 mins later. stupid! maybe we should just learn to deal with it, there sure is a lot of people with more problems.

    now following your blog!

  20. I've just stumbled upon your blog via Style Crusader and i'm so glad I did - you and your blog are completely adorable. And I luurve your outfit there (and you have the most amazing legs for those polka dot tights!!).

    Will definitely be back for more and hope to meet you at a London event.

    Miss B xx


  21. You look lovely! And those shoes are amazing.

    Lydia xxx

  22. You are so pretty. I love those shoes. perfect.


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