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jazzabelle and jazzpad, at the v&a

So, earlier on today I met the lovely Claire from Jazzpad on her lunch break to have a little picnic in the V&A gardens, which was just wonderful. She's been in London for the last two weeks on an amazing work experience placement (hence her smart attire), right around the corner from the V&A, so it was just a perfect place to meet. The weather was sweet, the conversation was brilliant, it's just a shame that we only had an hour to squeeze everything in! We had a quick look around the Grace Kelly exhibition (oh how I love my membership), then we went our separate ways. I really do hope to see you again, Claire! I'm wearing my gifted Rare dress as a top, tucked into my DIY shorts, my Primark sunhat and a belt I picked up for 50p in my favourite charity shop. I'm feeling really tired now, and I have a load of artwork left to do over the weekend. College is nearly over, oh my. I just cannot wait for summer! Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. Oh my goodness, I have just been dotted by Jill at Polka Dot, please check out the post here. P.P.S Check out Saskia's latest post on Not Just Medical for more pictures from the Rare blogging event! P.P.P.S. Hahaha, please do excuse my sleepy eyes in the picture above, I look hilarious!


  1. YAY! What a lovely day we had :) I really wish my work wear was more exciting (sorry guys, let down I know) I'm sure we'll do something like this again sweetpea :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. You both look lovely, Id love to meet other blog owners and visit London! My friend is going to be moving there soon so I might visit her sometime x

  3. You both look lovely. I'm glad you had a wondeful time.
    And that dress worn as a top looks gorgeous.
    What a sunny day also :) xx

  4. you look uber cute here! i need to go to the V&A soon, not been for ages!

    Love the layout of your blog! *Following*

  5. You look gorgeous! glad you had a good time :)

  6. Love the hat, and good work using the Rare dress as a top, it looks perfect! I loved Jill's post on you by the way, and all the comments. All true! x

  7. Love your shorts, they've got the perfect turn up. And the hat is adorable!

  8. Love your outfits! Looks like it was a beautiful sunny day too.

    Lydia xxx


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