tea, scones and grace kelly

My lovely Grandma and I went to the V&A for tea and scones, earlier. It was rather busy today, and once again the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition was sold out, but as a member I can just pop in with a guest whenever I please, without having to queue to buy tickets. Thanks Mum, my V&A membership is truly the best birthday present I have ever recieved! I have to say though, I feel that the V&A cafe is actually quite a let down to the museum; there isn't enough seating, the service is extremely slow and all of the rooms are rather messy. Saying that, if you go at a time when it is less busy, I really do reccomend sitting in the Morris room, it's beautifully gloomy and the wallpaper is just lovely! Bless my Grandma, for taking photographs of me. I felt really bad for asking her, especially as I need at least a hundred pictures of me to find one decent one! So do excuse the first photograph, I was asking her if she remembered which button to press, haha. Doesn't my Grandma look cute? I think she is rather fashionable for a lady of her age, and ever so young looking, she recently celebrated her 67th birthday! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, did any of you pick up any bargains at your local car boot sales? Love, Jazzabelle. P.S. If you are wondering why on earth I have posted a random picture of a lemon, it's because they are many lemon trees in the V&A garden, and this one just looked so ripe and tasty! I wonder if the lemons actually get used? If not, what a waste! P.P.S. Gosh, I do look very skinny here, no wonder I was getting an awful lot of looks today. I'm naturally this thin by the way, just in case you thought otherwise. P.P.P.S. Sorry! I totally forgot to say what I'm wearing: *Plum Zara dress, £7.50 *Uniqlo cardigan, 50p *Plum Bag, 50p *Bicycle brooch, 50p, all secondhand.


  1. another beautiful shot, i love the rich chocolate red of the dress! x


  2. You are too adorable and so is your grandma!

  3. You look so lovely. & the V&A sounds delightful, I have never been but one day hope to. The bicycle brooch is very cute x

  4. Your outfit is SO cute! I love the color of your dress, and those polka dotted tights with the socks and flats is ADORABLE!!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the colour of your dress. And yes, your grandma is one stylish lady :)

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  7. Aaah sorry my last comment had half of a previous comment from it haha!


    I love the V&A! They always had such lovely exhibitions. Might have to try to make the Grace Kelly one... I love the dress!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. always great pictures-i like your blog.

  9. cute dress, you have an amazing smile, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  10. Aww you and your grandma both look great! Still love that dress on you xx

  11. Oh she's so lovely! (your grandma). AND you. When I saw the date you posted (the 14th) I thought, what a shame: Roz, from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee, was there @ the V&A and if you knew, you could have met! But I think you were there the previous Sunday? (btw: do you know Roz's blog? http://clothescamerasandcoffee.blogspot.com/ you really must get to know each other!)

    I love these shots. Your grandma has a good eye ; ) And you know what? As much as I thought I noticed details, and all the time I"ve spent in the V&A garden, I've never noticed lemon trees!

    I used to think the V&A cafe was old and sad, but I love the new (Italian) catering company (who also do the Serpentine cafe - the 60s one at the end). Yes, it's too crowded but you should have seen how uncrowded it was before they came along! Beautifully gloomy so describes the Morris room.

    And finally.. to answer your question I didn't know about the Friday catwalk! We used to be members and I don't think we are right now (I'm not sure: I do get a lot of stuff from them). Is it day or night? Who is/are the designers? Are you going?

    You're such a delight, Jazzabelle. And I love your style. And it's so sad that naturally slim girls should need to explain that it's not on purpose, but it's a weird world, and there you go. xo

  12. You look gorgeous - fab outfit. xx

  13. If I'll ever come to London I deffinitely need to meet you and show me from what place you're buying this amazing clothes!! And don't need to lack in self esteem!! You are amazing!! I'm soo glad I found someone with this super great sense of style...

  14. Your dress is so gorgeous, I love the deep color and the way it drapes. Beautiful photos too!
    Love your blog :)

  15. You are just so wonderful! I love these little insights into your world. Your grandma is fab - what a great photographer!

    The V&A museum is one of the many reasons I wish I lived in London. I can imagine being a member is just so brilliant! You're inspiring me to book a trip down south and go for a wander! Must look out for the lemons too :) xx

  16. Great photos and enjoy spending time with your grandma you are lucky :)

  17. Lovely dress and lovely blog too :). Membership to the V&A sounds amazing!

  18. You look so pretty, and you really shouldn't justify yourself for having such perfect long legs!

    I'm the same with my grandmother, we go out for a cup of tea very often, do shopping (both of us!) and are very close.

    Since I got into LCF and will now stay in London, I will get a membership very soon! Btw, do you know about the Create Voice forum ? It is for 16-21 year old, there are regular meetings, activities/workshops held by professionals, free tickets to exhibitions/plays.. and you get to meet like minded people who like art! I am a member, and it's great!
    xx Iris


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