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why do you build me up, buttercup baby

I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I went to the V&A (yes, again) to attend a Lunchtime talk focusing on the wonderful Quilts exhibition, to help me along with my artwork. The night before I actually got a phone call to attend a model casting, but I just wasn't in the mood, didn't feel confident enough, I didn't feel like I would suit the brief, it was rather far away and I have been wanting to attend this talk for a long time now. Yes, excuses I know, but whilst the money would have been great if I actually got the job (which I doubt I would have) isn't my general happiness and education more important? 'Well you look pretty damn confident in these photos', I hear you say. Well, yes I was rather confident yesterday, but I just know my self esteem would had dropped rather dramatically if I attended the casting, plus, I am not interesting in professionally modelling in the slightest anymore. Anyway, moving swiftly on. After the talk I met my dearest friend Shana-Kaye so we got ourselves a Pret wrap and a Starbucks (Iced Vanilla Latte and a Caramel Cream, if you're interested!) then we went to Hyde Park for a walk and to take some photos. You may have noticed by now that I always face to same way (to the right) in photographs, the main reason being is because I just think I look ugly the other way. It's pretty bad, I know, considering people see the other side of my face every darn day, but that just shows that no matter how confident I may be feeling, there is always a part inside of me worrying about what I look like. Anyway, I really ought to be asleep, I have to be up at six for college tomorrow! P.S. Yes, I know I wear the lace top, the floral skirt, the brogues, polka dot tights and grey socks too much! What can I say, I like to stick to what I know, hehe. P.P.S. Blah, I've been feeling rather sick since Sunday night, I think I have the flu. Love, Jazzabelle.

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