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Ohh, I am so excited to be hosting my first ever giveaway for my lovely followers! I can't believe how many I have got and so quickly, I am oh so glad you enjoy reading my blog! The only difference compared to most giveaways that I have seen, is that you won't actually see what you have won until I have chosen the winner. Everyone loves a surprise, don't they? My giveaway is open internationally, to all of my followers, and I will chose a winner on the first of June. To gain entry, please comment with an answer to this question: What would your dream bedroom look like? I will be choosing the winner based on the answer I personally feel is my favourite. Feel free to add links, or create a post on your blog about your dream bedroom. I'm looking forward to reading your answers! If you have any questions, please email me or comment below.


  1. http://brainsbehindthelabels.blogspot.com/2010/05/jazzabelles-diary-competition-my.html

    This is it. :)

  2. My dream room would be in my dream house. As much as I would like an apartment in the city my dream house would be a small little cottage in the countryside outside of London, if you've seen the film the holiday, you'll know the type of bedroom :)
    I would have a big double bed with white metal poles and a big cath kidston bedcover with bed fluffy pillows that I could just fall onto when I'm having a rubbish day and fairy lights all around the headboard.
    I would have a small (but big enough for my millions of clothes!) white wardrobe and a wooden desk with a mirror on the top, and then fairylights all around it, and a laptop.
    I'd have a small bedside table big enough to put my books i'm reading before going to bed, my phone and water bottle.
    I'd then have my walls decorated with all magazine cutouts and my new york skyline canvas and with a book shelf for all my favourite books and scarpbooks.
    Hope you like it! :D xxxxx

  3. when does the competition close?

  4. the competition will close on the first on june, then i shall chose a winner on the same day, love jazzabelle. x

  5. i'm really excited about this giveaway! here's my entry:

    my dream bedroom would be a small-ish space with a huge wrought-iron bed as the central feature. it would be a white frame. the cover would be a plain cream or white, with a cath kidston style floral throw that would be folded at the end of the bed. it would have matching pillows. the colour scheme for the room would be white, to reflect as much light from the small window as possible. i would have a dreamcatcher above the bed. the wardrobe would be an old-fashioned style piece, sporting a distressed look. it would be full of my vintage clothes and small collection of shoes. my jewellery and accessories would be displayed at the bottom of the wardrobe. i would have a chunky floating shelf that would contain a few of my favourite books, my scrapbook and my trinkets. there would also be a small collage of rose-tinted pictures of me and my friendson one wall. basically the room would be as minimal as possible, with a light airy feeling, with touches of baby pink to give it some colour. it would be clutter-free as i believe it reflects how i feel about my life. my room would be a place that i could relax after a long day, with my ipod playing, flicking through fashion magazines and day dreaming of the future.


  6. My dream bedroom would be white and black with chrome and orange accessories with a flock feature wall. Everything would be shiny and classy looking.


  7. My dream bedroom would have no bed.
    Just a single large mattress lying perfectly central on the floor. As this room is square, it takes no time at all to move to any point in my room from any point on my bed. It would be heaped high with white rolling sheets and duvets and countless pillows, so I could rotate each night as the moon circled the sky. I would build little forts and tents out of my white sheets and at night make hand puppets with a torch.
    The walls would be painted stark white. Not egg-shell white, or off white. Just plain white. And at night, when dark descended they would turn to black. I would set up one of those old movie projectors and play reams and reams of old nasa footage, of star constellations and colourful nebulas. Their rainbow hues would blossom out across the walls, and I could fall asleep always looking up at a starry sky.
    I would have no curtains, so as the sun rose, light would pour in, and I would wake up to a sunrise, no matter how early it was.
    I would line all of belonging along the base of the walls, cameras trinkets and clothes, never up on shelves where they could fall, but within reaching distances if I ever felt the sudden urge to find hold them. I'd have no mirrors or clocks, so everything could be guess work and just how I perceived.
    And that would be my room, a room where I could be the fairy tale and would never have to leave. I'd just order pizza :)


  8. A giveaway, how exciting!

    My dream bedroom? Well I do love the one I have - vintage French ivory wickerwork bed, black walls, framed retro prints, painted antique furniture and a few cats snuggling in my 1930's paisley eiderdown.


  9. OKAY so, my dream would would be big but not so big it would be hard to fill. I have a habit of keeping everything so it would have lots of cream vintage selves filled with photos and flowers and old vintage things like box's etc. I would have a big Victorian cream double bed covered in cushions and a floral duvet. Ummm the walls would be cream apart from one feature wall covered in photos to make a giant collage. In the corner I would have old leather suitcases to hold all my random junk!


  10. Oooh, how exciting! I love mystery giveaways. Okay, dream bedroom!

    I think I'm about half way towards my dream bedroom with the one I've got right now. All my furniture is white, the bedclothes are vintage patterned (although I'd like them to be Cath Kidston, not Ikea!) and the room is filled with light. To make it a real dream, I'd want more space, one wall covered with vintage paper and the rest painted duck egg blue, a mannequin decked out in pretty fabric standing in one corner and a walk in closet stuffed with wonderful clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories!

  11. Ahhhh sounds super exciting!

    I would want my own room for the first time, as I share with my 2 sisters. There would a wall completely covered with photos, memories and other fun things. The actual room would be a neutral colour with a gorgeous old wooden-framed bed, covered with soft sheets of cream and a pile of pillows. I would have a lovely big old fashion wardrobe to store all my clothes and be generally tidy, as I'm very tidy. I would spray my Granda's purfume in the glass bottle, because it reminds me of her :)
    I would have a desk for the horrible workload we get at school, and in one corner, a comfy chair, facing out of the window looking out onto the sea, complete with a stunning iPod dock (not the rubbish ones) ready to play my tunes when I need to relax. I would have a wooden floor and lovely shelves to load my favourite books on. Finally, there would be a tall mirror behind a dressing table for my make up and bits and bobs. But alas, it will remain a dream. Thanks for reading :) xxx


  12. here's mine! hope you like it :)


    love jade -xo

  13. Oh suprises are always fun! My dream bedroom would be cozy and modern inside and then have large doors that open to the beautiful Pacific Ocean... really any ocean would do! Dare to dream!

  14. My dream bedroom would be in my dream house. I will live in Co.Kerry, Ireland, in a small but friendly village.
    I will have a double bed in the middle of the room, with lots of pretty pillows and my dogs lying on my bed,asleep :)
    My seven guinea pigs will be in their own mulit-story DIY cages (matching the rest of the room,of course) And pretty pastel pink fleece with little clouds as a beddings.
    I will have a walk-in wardore with all my beautiful clothes and jewellery. There will be a separate part in the wardore just for jewellery,bags,scarfs etc...
    I will have wooden floors with lots of multi-colour,soft faux (or course!) rugs put messily everywhere :)
    On wall no.1, there will be hand-painted wild horses galloping through a field.
    On wall no.2 there will be hand-painted 'under the sea' theme with all the under-water ceatures.
    On wall no.3, there will be hand-painted 'in space' theme with all the planets and stars.
    And on the last wall there will be 'at the sea-side' theme.
    And my own en-suite :D And a cream and pink desk with a matching chair, and an old-fashion sewing machine on it.
    x x x x x

  15. A lot of great ideas to compete with and my original idea would have been quite similar but I'm gona get creative, as this is a dream afterall...
    Imagine Harry Potter's discreet little broomstick closet beneath the stairs. It's a dimly lit room with a flickering lamp, fold out bed and washing basket in the corner. Sounds like bliss, right?
    Not really... so you move the basket revealing a tiny doorway with a bronze door knob, twist it gently and the little door creaks open slowly, suddenly the closet is immersed in a pool of light which pulls you through the door into a larger, extravagently dressed room. Talking furniture hops forward (think beauty and the beast) to falter to your every whim. The wardrobe is filled with a pristinely showcased selection of clothes to fit every mood. Above your head a dinky chandelliere resides, with lavish crystals which disperse delicate raindrops of light across the deep crimson walls. Notice the golden curtains, which are elegantly draped above the classicly wooden four-poster bed, where a distressed brown trunk sits at the foot - filled with treasured childhood possessions. There are two heaping bookcases on either side of the room. Above each are detailed illustrations which move along the wall acting out the vast array of stories. There may be conflict between tales if winnie the pooh falls down the rabbit hole and the red queen demands for him to be beheaded, but robin hood will swoop in and rescue him in the nick of time, with the help of the seven dwarfs ofcourse.
    Though it's madness it's perfection, and a feeling of belonging and contentment fills your body, it's a feeling of home.

  16. My dream bedroom would have a tree growing in the middle, and there'd be giant roots, for my mattress to sit in, and there'd be a canopy, to make it feel like a tent. It wouldn't look like I was camping--it'd be magical. (but, being magic, the tree would take up hardly any space.) I'd hang lanterns from the branches, and there'd always be plenty of soft, beautiful lighting to take good pictures in. The mattress would have white sheets, and a beautiful hand-made quilt, that I'd cozy up in on rainy, or bad days, and there'd be only a few large pillows, with a few small ones scattered around. The walls would be white--so I could hang up collages, and picture frames, and pieces of art. It would have TONS of windows--some floor length, some just the right height for this short person. =)
    I'd have a wall of just bookshelves. It would have my books, and my trinkets on all the square (not rectangular) shelves.
    My clothes would hang from a rack, like in a boutique.
    And I'd have a cupboard, like the cupboard from the book/movie "the indian and the cupboard"--if you've never seen this movie, you put any toy/magazine clipping in, and lock it, then you unlock it, and walaa!, you have the real thing--hat way I would put teen vogue and anthropologie, and urban outfitters magazines in, and have a lovely pair of shoes, or a dainty dress. I'd have a record player, and plenty of film for my vintage brownie camera, or my polaroid camera.
    I'd have the room all to myself, but there'd be a secret door, the leads to Neverland. And then I could fly, and flirt with Peter pan, and get mad at Tinker bell, and Fight captain hook, and the lost boys come and visit me, and we're pals. And all of this, would be in a small house, right between a vast wood, and a beautiful glossy ocean.

  17. this is such a good idea
    i quite frequently change my mind, so my dream room would probably have plain white walls, a single bed in the corner and a wardrobe. maybe a few vintage frames dotted around to give the room some character. within a week i'd probably fill the walls with magazine cutouts and photos, but it would be changing all the time!

  18. Hello, I'm sure I already commented but I guess I didn't. Anyway heres my entry http://fashionteapot.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-dream-room.html
    Thankyou :)

  19. My dream bedroom would be like the windown displays at Liberty - random, yet somehow comforting and warm. There would be plenty of quirky finds, thrifted from vintage stores, charity shops and car boots and I'd love a wall covered in polaroid pictures. Apart from that, i reckon a good measure of floral patterns and some golden charmed necklaces hanging from vintage hat-stands would do the trick :D


  20. hej jazzabelle!!
    my bedroom had to be very simpel.
    white coulors and black, then i would like a blond sheet to hang over my bed like a big dream bed, and all my vintage jewllery should hang on a big brown hallstand.. goosh it would be so pretty ..
    /Cecilie from denmark my blog is here www.redllips.blogspot.com

  21. http://yourperfectrumour.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-dream-bedroom.html

    That's my entry, thanks for the opportunity! I have just sprung across your blog and I'm really fascinated by it. I will probably comment on more of your posts tomorrow but right now I am going to bed:D

  22. http://whutderrfakqizvat.blogspot.com/2010/05/boudoir.html

    whoooop i made a post about it i got too excited. heeheeeeeeee hope i win and is jazzabelle your real name? it such a beautiful rockin' name!


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