It was my mum's birthday party last night, her theme was back to school. I'm still feeling rather tipsy, but I hardly ever drink so it was nice to treat myself to some bacardi and coke, sambuca shots, and this gorgeous strawberries and cream vodka which was just so delicious! I'm wearing a straw hat from Primark, a borrowed shirt, a diy skirt and my usual polka dot tights. As I said in my post below, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!


  1. I love your relaxed sense of style and the fact you don't spend loads of money and you still look amazing! :)
    Oh, and happy birthday to your mum aswell :D
    Lots of love xxxx

  2. Nice outfit. I almost bought that hat from primark too! But I ended up knicking a similar one from my gran's closet... tehe.

  3. Oh I got the same hat 2 days ago!! You look lovely :)


  4. Very pretty! The hat looks wonderful on you. xx

  5. Thankyou for your lovely comment!
    It made me smile!
    You look lovely, I find your posts so inspiring and I ADORE the way you dress :) ♥
    Keep it up, loving the blog posts,
    Lauren xx


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