It's cold and I look like a mess. No, more than a mess, I look disgusting. I hope I don't see anyone I know on my way home looking like this. I stayed at my Grandma's house last night, and as much as I love staying at other peoples houses, I never look pretty or somewhat decent the next day. Anyway, I was thinking of doing a blog sale when I turn eighteen (on the fifteenth of July), so I can do it in my own paypal account, what do you think? Would you be interested in buying my clothes and such? Also, in a couple of weeks I may post some pictures of my recent artwork and ask you to comment, giving your critical and honest opinion, I would be oh so thankful! I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday, I am very much looking forward to Gem Fatale's Tuesday Tip! Love, Jazzabelle. Photograph taken and edited by me, I'm loving lace at the moment! P.S. Don't forget to enter my surprise giveaway here!


  1. I can't possibly believe that a gorgeous creature like yourself could ever look a mess!
    I'd love to see your artwork and a blog sale? whay not, sounds a great idea.

  2. missy,i somehow doubt you look bad.
    oh gosh,turning 18, i feel old now.im sure you will have an amaaazing birthday and definitely put up your art!
    xx fi
    ps that gem is a talented chica

  3. I'm loving lace at the moment, too. That's a great idea for turning 18. Do you know Jennifer, the Style Crusader? She just did a big ebay sale, ask her how she did it. Maybe we could help you promote it as a birthday present! (and part of your May Pole prize ; )

    Thank you for taking the time to send the link. Did you see in the post, I've updated it with your link?

  4. thank-you for all of your sweet comments!

    *vintage vixen: thank-you, but i really do! i don't believe that my photographs are a true representation of what i look like, if you get what i mean. i take many pictures, but always chose the best one, i also edit my photos. i'm scared for the day when there is a blogger meet up, or something similar, as i don't feel i look as pretty as i do on here; i have frizzy hair, bad skin, etc!

    *fayoona. thank-you! and don't be silly, you shouldn't feel old. but even if you do, you don't look it. i though you were 19/20 when i had a peek at your picture, not 23! :)

    *polka dot. ahh, thank-you for posting up my link, that is very kind of you! i think i have peeped at jennifer's page before, but i didn't see her ebay sale, i shall have another look in a bit. if i actually go through with setting up a blog sale / ebay account, than i shall let you know, but you posting up my link is more than enough! :)


  5. blog sale of your clothes? um, yes please! :)
    thank you for commenting back on my blog btw, it's nice when people make an effort :)
    i'm sure you don't look disgusting, you honestly never could! xxx

  6. I would love to see your artwork. Please please do post. You are a real inspiration :)

  7. Hi from Glasgow! I'd be really interested to see you artwork - I love discovering new artists. x

  8. Wow, I came across your blog a couple of days ago, now. It wouldn't let me follow but now it does and I'm Oh, so grateful. Your blog is truly one of the best blogs I've ever come across. You seem like such a beautiful person, inside and out. The way you put clothes together is so, so, so inspirational. Thank you for designing such a wonderful blog - pls, carry on with it. I would be SO interested in buying your clothes. I love the photos you take and the photos you find. I hope you see this comment! I'm meaning to enter your contest but have to plan ahead first! I'm going to do a post entry if that's OK? It's going to be hard to be individual as all the other posts seem my idea of a "dream bedroom" as well. But, I do have a few other ideas in mind!
    So, yes.. thank you for such a wonderful wonderful blog. I'm going to have to visit the charity shops of London, one day. Some beautiful clothes you've got from there.
    Oh, yes - I never look reasonable the day after sleeping at ones house. Never.
    Lots of love,


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