*Black lace vest, charity shop, 50p *Topshop polka dot cardigan, charity shop, 50p *DIY shorts *Black brogues, Primark, £8. Today has been rather shit, to be honest. All because of one old shopkeeper in one shitty overpriced charity shop in Putney. His comment shouldn't of mattered, but with me and my over-emotional self, it did. As I was about to leave the shop, I heard and saw him whisper to his colleague 'look how thin she is, it's disgusting' three times, whilst looking at my legs in utter repulsion. So I confronted him about what he said, but he denied it, so I swore at him and walked out the shop (okay, so I probably shouldn't have swore), determined not to let what he said ruin my day. But he did, I was upset for the rest of the afternoon and left college early. I cheered up a couple of hours ago, though. I popped into my local charity shops and picked up a lovely floral Warehouse skirt for two pounds, and a few more bags of buttons. And I got a sweet compliment from a woman in one of the charity shops, she said I looked cute and asked if I would marry her son, haha!


  1. I hate people like that. The fact that he denied it would have pushed me over the edge. Ignore him I for one think you look fine. Some of my friends are really skinny but eat loads and get stick for it all the time. It's just how their bodies are, they can't help it.
    I love the cardigan I saw one in the shop the other day but put it back down because I realised I had no money hah x


  2. lovely outfit. that man sounds like a complete dickhead. i would've sworn too!
    glad you picked up some nice bits though in another shop. hehe that comment from that women made me chuckle :) you are so pretty though xxx

  3. Some people are just horrible. Just remember your the better person.

    I'm longing to find some charity shop bargains again. Love the polka dot cardigan x

  4. You look great, loads of girls would kill for your figure. Don't mind him <3
    Love the way your cardigan and tights match !
    x x x

  5. that guy was so unfriendly to you! i can't believe there's people like this out there, that are like this.
    I adore your legs. I want mine that skinny :)

  6. what a twat, I'm telling you your legs are perfect!! In my opinion you can never be too thin (as long as you're healthy) but you can be too fat, like a lot of people in this country!!
    you were right to confront him, I did that one day in the street about some guy saying something about my hair, and he actually got quite scared! :D
    you're really pretty so please don't listen to jealous or stupid people!

    xxx Iris

  7. thank-you for all of your sweet comments! even though i don't believe i am that pretty, and i know a hell of a lot of people don't either, you really do make me feel like i am :)

  8. What a stupid man! It really annoys me that people feel that they can criticise skinnies but would dream of saying anything to a larger person.
    You're beautiful, healthy and fabulous. Well done for confronting the idiot...maybe he'll keep his misguided ideas to himself next time.

  9. i would love your legs! don't let any one put you down, as long as you are happy with your own body.
    i love all your outfits you put together :)xx

  10. I'v been looking for a polka dot cardi for ages so thanks :)

    pay a visit to my blog :) I'd love to know your thoughts xo

  11. What a stupid man! Well I for one think you look lovely, and your outfit is amaazing!

  12. I know what you feel. I always been different and it's not easy all the time. I'm really short, as my name of the blog is saying. And I know people can be evil sometimes but you don't need to be like them. Another strange thing about me is even if I'm the shortest girl, I have the tallest bf.:)) Life is funny sometimes!


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