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*Black lace vest, charity shop, 50p *Topshop polka dot cardigan, charity shop, 50p *DIY shorts *Black brogues, Primark, £8. Today has been rather shit, to be honest. All because of one old shopkeeper in one shitty overpriced charity shop in Putney. His comment shouldn't of mattered, but with me and my over-emotional self, it did. As I was about to leave the shop, I heard and saw him whisper to his colleague 'look how thin she is, it's disgusting' three times, whilst looking at my legs in utter repulsion. So I confronted him about what he said, but he denied it, so I swore at him and walked out the shop (okay, so I probably shouldn't have swore), determined not to let what he said ruin my day. But he did, I was upset for the rest of the afternoon and left college early. I cheered up a couple of hours ago, though. I popped into my local charity shops and picked up a lovely floral Warehouse skirt for two pounds, and a few more bags of buttons. And I got a sweet compliment from a woman in one of the charity shops, she said I looked cute and asked if I would marry her son, haha!

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