taking an online floristry course & spring floral design ideas

I've always loved flowers and creating floral arrangements for my home, and have often imagined owning a little shop and cafe, complete with a mini florist. But, until this year, I've never taken my passion much further than daydreaming and treating myself to weekly blooms. 

In February I found myself feeling incredibly demotivated due to work and lockdown, so I decided to take a short online course in floristry as a distraction. I have to say, it was just what I needed, and it's so lovely to feel that spark of passion, purpose and motivation coming back into my life. 


I quickly found New Skills Academy Floristry Diploma Course for just £19 on Groupon, and worked my way through twenty-one modules over evenings and a couple of weekends.

Whilst I've always felt confident when it comes to choosing blooms and making them look beautiful in my home, I learnt so much more about flower and plant biology, the history of floral design, working in the floristry industry, the elements and principles of flower arranging, how to create different types of arrangements & more!

Some modules were quite lengthy, with a handful of video demonstrations, and after completing a short test at the end of the course, I walked away with a digital certificate. For me, it was certainly worth the money.


It wasn't until this weekend where I really put my new found knowledge around the practical elements of floral design to the test, and oh my, am I so proud of the results! I ordered mixed freesias (pink, lilac, white and yellow), eucalyptus and pistache from Auction Direct Flowers, and picked up pink tulips and gypsophila from my local Tesco, then got to work with creating my floral arrangements.


After a few hours, I had created three hand tied bouquets, each with a slightly different colour story and arrangement, and also a spring wreath for my front door. I honestly can't believe how quickly and confidently I made these! *proud face*

For the cost of the course, the armful of blooms & greenery I purchased this weekend, and some additional tools of the trade such as the wreath oasis ring (I already owned floristry scissors, some tape and string...etc), I've invested around £100 towards learning this new skill. Though, by creating my own bouquets for a Mother's Day door drop off, by making my own spring wreath and with the potential for future gifting, I've certainly saved myself money too.

I'm so excited to work on more arrangements - I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this inspired and passionate about something!

If you're looking to create your own floral arrangements but don't know where to start, I highly recommend Bloom & Wild - they offer pre-selected stems that fit through the letterbox, complete with a floral arranging guide to help you on your way. I've been a customer and fan for many years [and have previously been gifted and worked with them on paid activation], often buying for myself and sending as gifts. I have a referral link for £10 off your first Bloom & Wild order - just click here - and I'll get £10 credit, too! 

Love, Jazz x

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  1. Congratulations! Such a lovely skill to have. Your flower arrangements are stunning! xx


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