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Vision boards are something that have truly helped me to visualise and manifest all that I want to attract into my life - whether it be specific feelings, experiences, or physical things. I've made various boards over the years, though last summer was really when I really felt the true power of manifestation.

The board I created last year was during a time when I felt really low, and didn't have much direction in my life - I needed more things to look forward to, and goals to work towards. So, over two non-consecutive days I worked on a small vision board, focusing on what I'd like to achieve in my home life and career, along with improving my mental health, with a six months to a year time frame. Since I created that vision board, I've moved into my own rented flat, have a better work/life balance, and have much more gratitude - I truly believe this vision board played a part in these life improvements.

For me, being in self-isolation was the perfect time to revisit my old vision board, and start a new one... A couple of weeks ago I grabbed my stack of old Red magazines, a cuppa coffee, put on Magic FM and set to work. Much like my previous vision board, didn’t have any particular plans of what I’d create, but as soon as I started to cut out words, quotes & images that resonated with me and where I'd like to be in 2020, it all started to take shape.

Once I had cut out all that I was drawn to from my magazine stash and laid them out on my A3 paper, I soon started to notice defined goals - this time around I seemed to focus more on personal growth and my emotions, money/savings, my relationship, and my home. Though of course when you create your own, you may find that you also focus on areas of your life such as career/business, family, friends, health, travel and spirituality. 

I then started to group the relevant words, phrases and images together for each of the areas, playing with the positioning, along with adding colourful backgrounds and textures to really bring my board to life. Once I decided on the final layout (and rearranged quite a few times!), I then stuck everything down. 

As you can see from my final vision board, the middle to right hand side focuses more on my self development and how I want to feel, while top left focuses on my relationship, and bottom left focuses more on my money and home. The 'travels with my mum' focuses specifically on a holiday I hope to go on with my mum this year, after our April holiday got canceled due to Covid-19. Now my vision board is on the wall in my living room as a daily visual reminder of what I want and hope to achieve and feel this year. 

Read on as my mum, and friends Paige Joanna & CJ, share their vision board processes, tips and stories, which may just inspire you to create your own...

Barri-Jayne | @emerald_torrus
By creating a vision board, it allowed me to think deeper about what it is I really wanted to manifest into my life. I thought about the different areas of my life - career/business, finance, home, family & friends, relationships, social, health, spiritual...etc. 

Cutting out pictures and words from magazines and newspapers that were relevant and meaningful, helped to keep me focused. You can also print them off the internet or draw and write them down. Get really creative! It's also a very calming and relaxing activity to do. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Mine is an A5. 

Take your time, there's no rush, it took me almost 2 weeks to create mine. Make sure you put it together with love and always show gratitude for what you already have. Believe you already have these things in your life. If you're manifesting money, show gratitude for the money you already have, and be grateful for that 20p you just found on the ground. 

Some things may just fall into your lap, some things you will have to work at. Things will happen when the time is right. I created this vision board with the intention that things will fall into, or show signs of falling into a place within a one year period - I believed my daughter would find and move into a beautiful flat. It became a reality soon after we'd both created our boards. I believed my business would grow. By trusting & believing in myself and taking that leap outside of my comfort zone, my business is moving forward. I now plan to update my vision board with a two year outlook.

Place your completed board where you will see it every day. Look at it, touch it and thank the universe for what is yet to be. Have fun! 

Paige Joanna | @paigejoannaa
Vision boards are a new thing to me, having seen Jazz do hers on Instagram I was inspired to create one for 2020. I’m a visual person and I love making mood boards for brand campaigns and creative work, so this felt very similar to that.

I took my time with mine and spent an afternoon cutting pieces I liked from magazines I have collected over the years. The one I used the most was Daphne's Diary which has a very colourful and whimsical look very suitable to my usual personal style.

I also printed off some images I collated on Pinterest for 2020 so that I had a good mixture of both images and text. I added my own text as well (that I printed from Word) so that I could make sure the slogans and text said exactly what I visualised, as well as the magazine inspiration. 

It’s too early to say if any of it has fully come true but I do however believe that a few key words are really standing out at the moment, like 'refine', 'mind & reflection' and 'simple life'. Hopefully this year will continue to reflect the visions I have set myself. 

Charlotte Jones | @charlottejonsie
I’ve been creating vision boards for the past few years. I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction - ask, believe and receive has worked for me and I’ve experienced surreal moments from my manifestations. 

One of the best ways to bring your hopes, dreams and goals to life is through through vision boards. It can help you find clarity on what you truly want, even if you don’t know when you first start. I do yearly vision boards because I feel a year is a nice amount of time to focus on your goals and keep them in concise. It's also a nice visual reminder of what you want.

It’s nice to have long term goals, but when they’re too far away, this can make you feel like they‘re too far away, so focus on the steps to get to this goal first so it feels more achievable. 

I remember putting the exact job I currently have on my vision board a few years ago & it came true! Last year I put a holiday with my family on my vision board, I’ve never been on holiday with my family growing up. I couldn’t believe it when I was invited to go away with them, it all happened so last minute, because of a break up I went through. I ended up going on three holidays with them. There’s so many more things that have come true! 

If you’re new to it. I’d recommend writing down the different life categories and thinking about what you want to happen in each section. Write that down. Then find magazine or Pinterest images that resonates with those goals, cut them out and put on your vision board. I did an IGTV on my Instagram if you want to check this out too. Good luck! 

Thanks so much to my mum, Paige & CJ for being part of this blog post! 
Let us know if you create a vision board, we'd love to see.
Love, Jazz x

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